Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

While it is true that The Audience of Legends seems to be decreasing in the West, that is not the case worldwide. The Spring Spring Split of the 2022 LCK beat the League record , with more than 74 million hours views (sum of the viewer’s visualization time). The LPL, on the other hand, seems to be in decline , but the available figures are not reliable for this league since they do not take into account local spectators, who look at on the transmission platforms Chinese who do not communicate their figures **. However, seeing hearings fall in the West is still quite worrying.

The reasons for this fall


In a previous article we commented The lack of renewal in the League as one of the possible reasons for the fall of the ratings. In fact, see the same teams always fight for the podium without new equipment appearing can be redundant. It is also plausible that spectators simply have too LOL to see , with the appearance of the national leagues . If a Spanish spectator follows the Super League, it is possible that he is less motivated to see also European matches over the weekend, preferring to devote himself to other activities.

The other possibility is simply that the group of players (and therefore of potential spectators) is aging . League of Legends now turns 12 years , and it would seem logical that a good part of the loyal players of the first hour have simply followed, such as having a family life . Therefore, they would prefer to dedicate their free time to other occupations to see Lol.

This could also explain the audience decrease of the Streamers of the game, which previously occupied the first places in the Twitch ranking, but which in recent years The creators of variety content have occupied their place . Many testimonies seen in different forums say that these players already do not have the time or desire to try the game , replacing their rankeds in Solq with Arams . For many, League of Legends have gone from being the first option to play an option like many others and that plays from time to time.

Some also mention a change in The balance of the game . At the beginning of League of Legends, The team with the best player generally won The game. Today, some have the impression that it is rather the team with the worst player who will lose the game , even if the best player is also in this team. It is almost better to have 4 medium-level companions than 2 strong and 2 weak . Although we do not fully share this point of view, this reflection has emerged several times in this type of debate, and not to mention that it would have been a lack of honesty.

Difficulties to renew the players quarry?

In a perfect world, for a player who leaves, another should take his place. But League of Legends could well be victim of his bad reputation . If we think so calmly, it is true that the game is better known for being toxic than because of the fun they provide, at least out of certain players. The most popular streamers of the game used to be known for its toxicity (elmillor, tyler1, etc.) rather than its patience and tranquility (although some clearly possess these qualities).

To this we must add that The game is aging, as well as its concept and its mechanics . Although it has evolved a lot and very good these 12 years, the basic principle remains the same. Some teenagers consider it more a boomer game than the game of the moment, and is quite normal. It may be time for Riot Games to completely reconsider the game, or even throw a more modern sequel in its gameplay and focus. The second solution seems to us the best, because in spite of everything we love this old Lol ** and we do not want to see it disappear completely for a new wave version.

Are League of Legends dying?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, because we have to admit that will probably never be the fashion game , which should absolutely try if you have a computer. That time has passed, and Lol will begin to decline little by little. Especially since this Moba has enough for to dizzy beginners with their 160 champions and the other mechanics ** that you have to learn. What was feasible in weeks when the game had only fifty characters now has been, especially given the number of mechanics of unique characters.

No, because somehow League of Legends is like Wow.
Blizzard MMO players know that their death has been prophesied for more than 10 years, but still standing, and that many other studies would consider making the current numbers of the MMO either great success.
It will probably be the same for LOL, which will probably continue to be
the essential game of the 2010-2020 * decade.
The figures mentioned in this article were taken from the site Esports Charts._

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