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One of one of the most important teammates presents itself once more in a rich green: according to routine, albeit on the last presser, the arena, which now calls itself Heinz-von-Heiden-Arena, is turning out a new yard after the old grass area at the rock show a week had previously received the remainder. The new underground for his stars is certainly not in the very best condition, Stefan Leitl confessed after an initial evaluation, yet both teams have to play on it.

The coach’s self-confidence that we will rack up the first points does not interfere with it. Especially considering that the home best against FC St. Pauli likewise takes location in a new, atmospheric music framework: The group will certainly take the stage to Rock You Like A Storm of the Hanoverian Band Scorpions If you after that be successful in an objective there, the Freeed From Wish of Gala from Gala, which is preferred worldwide, will certainly have the ability to appear from the speakers in the future. We will certainly do every little thing that this track is played more frequently, guarantees Leitl.

He licenses the challenger to the north duel, who probably will compete in a 4-4-2 similar 4-4-2 in their very own team, the top quality to play the ascent. It’s about remaining in the processes, Leitl does not desire to transform anything. We have recognized scenarios in which we have to behave far better if we have our very own sphere.


In the past couple of days, they have actually been functioning intensively at the weak points that the new team still revealed in the unfortunate 1-2 loss in Kaiserslautern at the beginning. Clear, technically clean, calmer in belongings of the round.

We are prepared that the kids let go of their lines, bravely as well as play football with sentence. If we after that play a great game, we will also win it.

Leitl believes in the group

As well as otherwise? Undoubtedly, it did not represent the assumptions of being victorious in a table after 2 games, which after that stays cemented for 2 weeks as a result of the cup break prior to Hanover goes to Paderborn for a hard away video game. Stefan Leitl does not drift around that it could be uneasy in the notoriously troubled Hanover. I have excellent confidence in my group. There are always situations that you don’t win a video game as well as run it in a different direction. However I believe that I am extremely resistant as well as, if it should occur, additionally quite can manage well.

We will certainly do whatever that this tune is played extra commonly, promises Leitl.

He licenses the challenger to the northern battle, that presumably will compete in a 4-4-2 similar 4-4-2 in their own group, the quality to play the climb. If we after that play an excellent video game, we will certainly also win it.

About the staff: from the beginning line-up, which he of training course currently has in mind one day prior to the video game, Leitl still makes a key. As well as if he needs to still rest well, he will likewise play from the begin.

Concerning the staff: from the beginning line-up, which he certainly currently wants eventually prior to the video game, Leitl still makes a trick. Exception: Havard Nielsen, offensive, in Kaiserslautern after his Sagittarius of the first Hanoverian goal of the period, receives a public guarantee from the instructor. He is definitely a bit more since he had a week of training. As well as if he must still rest well, he will additionally play from the beginning.

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