Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Waldschrat Studios GBR has launched the drive game Mission: Driver as a early access game on August 3, 2022.

Mission: Driver uses physical operations and allows players to operate gear and try their own driving techniques so that they can drive actual cars. In addition, there is a styling mode to customize the car.

However, at the moment early access, you can play a part, only in the arcade parking mode that avoids obstacles.

Waldschrat Studios GBR is developing with the following tasks.


・ City Adminatic that crack down on the fine of parking violations and protect the order of the city

・ Moving wrecker that secures an accident site and collects a broken car

・ Throw away garbage bags, empty trash cans and containers to protect the city from pollution.

・ Run around randomly selected places, get a time bonus, and go to the next place Action Series

・ Run through various courses at high speed and try your own driving skills Track Racer

According to the company, early access will continue for at least one year, and in addition to the above development, we are developing or studying the expansion of the game to the open world of the game, the level system of the character, and the multiplayer mode. It is said that this work will be developed based on proposals from the community. It is said that the price of the product version fluctuates according to the progress of development.

Mission: Driver is available early on PC (Steam) for 1,520 yen. Until August 11, 25%OFF is 1,140 yen.

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