Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

MIGHT AND DELIGHT seems to be struggling with the developers of the small online RPG Book of Travels under early access and the difference between the user’s low-rating review and the policy that this work aims for.

This work is a small online RPG by the developer of the SHELTER series. Equipped with a slightly unusual system, such as creating characters determined by personality and identity, and countless journey caused by random events.

The published roadmap will solve negative problems and distribute new content for existing players. In addition, the development studio has recently laid off to 35 staff members, and has decreased to 10, but promised that development will continue in the future.

This work is characterized by the fact that there is not much guidance to players who show a large course with the arrow. However, it was criticized by players who could not find the content for several hours due to the evils, and did dozens of low-rating reviews declined. It is the goal of this work that you do not guide the players too much, so it is said that the challenge is to draw people into content without losing it.

In addition, it is said that stress due to lack of quest logs and tracking functions has been pointed out. Adding a quest tracking system will break the goal that this work aims for. Therefore, although no clear goal is shown, there is an idea to track the place the player said and what he saw and heard.

There are many other items to be added and improved, so please see the Steam community post for details.

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