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RB Leipzig and 1. FC Köln separate 2-2 draws on the 2nd matchday of the Bundesliga. The game in the live ticker for reading.

RB Leipzig-1. FC Köln 2: 2 (1: 1): Statistics on the game

RB Leipzig-1. FC Köln 2: 2 (1: 1)

Tore | 1: 0 Werner (36.), 1: 1 Dietz (40th), 2: 1 Nkunku (56.), 2: 2 Gvardiol (own goal, 72.)
Setup RB Leipzig | Gulacsi-Simakan, Orban, Halstenberg (46th Gvardiol)-novoa (46th Kampl), Henrichs, Dani Olmo (87th Haidara), Raum, Szoboszlai, Nkunku-Werner (67. Silva)
List 1. FC Köln | Schwäbe-Hizibue (62. Schmitz), Kilian, Hübers, Hector-Martel (62nd Duda), Skhiri, Thielmann (62. Maina), Ljubicic (73. Lemperle), Kainz-F. Dietz (73. Adamyan)
yellow cards | -Hielmann (18th), Hübers (48.), Adamyan (76.), Kainz (79.)
Red cards | Szoboszlai (45.1.)-

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga in the live ticker for reading

Conclusion: , on the other hand, with four points after two match days there are excellent and could even have won. In the majority, the team of Steffen Baumgart initially had problems against individually better-occupied Leipziger, but above all an outstanding Kainz kept FC in the game. 1. FC Köln has to go to Eintracht Frankfurt on Sunday.

Conclusion: The Leipzigers also remain without victory in the second game of the season. The Domenico Tedesco team started the game well and took the lead, but let himself be surprised defensively too early and then fell behind again through the red card against Szoboszlai. The 2-2 fell happy in the end, but also because Leipzig acted very passively in the final phase. Leipzig will play against Union Berlin next Saturday.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the live ticker closing whistle

90.+3rd: Then it’s over! Leipzig and Cologne separate 2-2!


90.+1.: The stoppage time in Leipzig is already running, three minutes are displayed.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the live ticker-yellow for Henrichs

89.: Henrichs collects yellow again after a tactical foul in midfield.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga is now changing in the LiveTicker-Leipzig

87.: Next change near Leipzig: Haidara comes for Olmo.

85.: Now Cologne is back on the trigger, the Leipzier are all encircled in their own. Adamyan goes into dribbling against Orban and Simakan, but is blocked by the two Leipzigers.

83.: The Leipziger go to the third goal despite their outnumbering, and Cologne also marches forward again. Both teams play for victory in the final phase.

81.: Ten minutes are still to go in Leipzig. Do we see another goal or stay the 2-2?

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the live ticker-yellow for Kainz

79.: Kainz is also warned for the first time this season, the Austrian had converted Olmo on the right of his own sixteen.

78.: Leipzig also suddenly goes back to the full, but a room fan from the left is then a piece too long and threat to Cologne.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the live ticker-yellow for Adamyan

76.: Adamyan introduces himself directly with a yellow card, the striker collects his first warning after a tactical foul from behind against Nkunku.

75.: Next attempt by Kainz! The Austrian pulls off a slightly right position from 20 meters, but this time shoots half a meter past the left post.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now changes to Liveickicker-and FC

73.: … and Dietz is replaced by Adamyan.

73.: Baumgart now brings a second striker: Lemperle comes for Ljubicic…

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker-Köln

72.: Tooooor! Lawn Ball Sport Leipzig-1. FC Köln 2: 2! Game on! The felt X-Te Kainz corner from the left side goes sharply to the long post, where Simakan dipped under the ball and thus takes the view. The defense lawyer can no longer react and unhappy the ball into his own goal.

71.: Linton Maina missed the new equalization! An outstanding ball from Kainz from the left ends with the substitute striker on the long post. Maina’s shot from ten meters is still blocked by Gvardiol.

69.: Shortly before the start of the final phase, the Leipziger seem to have the encounter under control. The hosts keep Cologne Clever away from their own box. The team of Steffen Baumgart, on the other hand, seems to go out.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga is now changing in the LiveTicker-Leipzig

67.: Timo Werner has the end of the day: The German international is replaced by Andre Silva.

66.: The encounter is currently rippling. Leipzig has withdrawn a little and wants to defend the leadership outnumbered. Meanwhile, Domenico Tedesco is also planning the next change.

64.: Baumgart’s change are at first glance. The Cologne names look a little shocked after the 1: 2 and need a few minutes to catch themselves again.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now changes to Liveickicker-and FC

62.: … and Duda for Martel.

62.: … Schmitz for Ehizbue…

62.: Three changes are displayed: Maina comes for Thielmann…

60.: Steffen Baumgart will immediately change. Let’s see how much the FC trainer switches to offensive.

58.: for Nkunku it is the second goal of the season, the Frenchman scored against Stuttgart on matchday 1, also for the meantime. Let’s see if the Cologne team can also answer quickly again.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now meets LiveTicker-Nkunku

56.: Tooooor! Lawn Ball Sport Leipzig-1. FC Köln 2: 1! Nkunku outstanding! Olmo sends the Frenchman forward with a steep pass and plenty of pace in the center, where Nkunku springs all the opponents and weld the ball from nine meters slightly left at the top right.

54.: Tedesco has strengthened his own defensive in view of the outnumbered with Kampl and Gvardiol, but Kampl could also take an offensive intervention. The Cologne residents will hold back in the face of the excellent Leipzig offensive and not act too brisk.

52.: The Cologne team start to determine game, come out of the cabin well. Hector brings a flat ball from the left into the five, but Ehizibue steps on the long post Olmo on the feet. Referee Brand decides on offensive foul.

50.: The Cologne team now has a half-time outnumbered in front of them, as already against Schalke, this resulted in three goals in the second round. A good omen?

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the live ticker-yellow for Hübers

48.: Hübers collects yellow in midfield after a tactical foul, it continues directly. For Hübers it is the first warning this season.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga is now changing in the LiveTicker-Leipzig

46.: … and Gvardiol replaced Halstenberg. Both change to the position.

46.: Leipzig exchanges twice during the break: Kampl comes for the hapless novoa…

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker jetty 2nd half

46.: it continues.

Halftime: The Cologne team showed in Leipzig in the first 45 minutes that they can also keep up with a top team. Despite the unfortunate deficit after a mistake, the team of Steffen Baumgart was able to immediately equalize with a counterattack. After the restart, everything is in it for the Rhinelander.

half-time: class first half in Leipzig, in which both teams wanted to make the game offensive. Leipzig started strongly at first, but was then surprised by aggressive and, above all, strongly willful Cologne, until Werner supposedly pushed the Leipziger in the direction of home win. Afterwards the hosts were defensively again, the equalization promptly followed.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the Livickicker Departure 1st half

45.+3rd: Then there is a break in Leipzig!

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the live ticker-red for Szoboszlai

45.+1.: Szoboszlai flies from the lawn! The Hungarian drives out the elbow against Kainz, the Austrian then goes to the ground. Hard decision, Szoboszlai is already on the way to the cabin.

44.: Both teams put pressure on shortly before the break, but initially interrupted the encounter again, this time Ljubicic is on the ground. The youngster seems to have twisted his foot in a duel.

42.: for Dietz it is the first goal in the upper house, after a solid performance on the first match day he now meets for the first time in the Bundesliga. The Cologne residents quickly answer the deficit that Schwäbe had initiated the goal with a strong parade and the subsequent discount.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in LiveTicker-Dietz compensates

40.: Tooooor! Lawn Ball Sport Leipzig-1. FC Köln 1: 1! And now the knot is bursting with Dietz! Kainz prevails against Halstenberg on the left in the sixteen and plays the ball flat on the long post, where Novoa slips past the ball and lets Dietz blank. The center forward pokes the ball into the short corner.

38.: Werner doesn’t even score his first competitive goal after his return. It is his 87th goal in Bundesliga and number 91 in the jersey of lawn ball sport Leipzig.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now meets the LiveTicker-Werner

36.: Tooooor! Lawn Ball Sport Leipzig-1. FC Köln 1: 0! Dream start for Timo Werner! Henrichs puts the ball across Werner in midfield, who simply pulls out of a distance from a good 30 meters from a distance. Swabia is slightly misjudged so that the ball hits the bottom right. The Cologne keeper lets it slip.

34.: The Leipzigers have the slightly higher game shares, while Cologne already have four shots on goal. There remains a balanced game, especially with slight advantages for the Leipziger.

32.: The Leipzig people try it above all over the left side, where Ehizibue has so far been a little overwhelmed. So far, space has clearly upper water there, but apart from the offside goal, no capital can do.

30.: Another discussion between Benjamin Brand and Domenico Tedesco, which does not agree with the line of the referee. This time it is about a ball that was supposedly not in the side. After a short exchange, the minds calm down again.

28.: Olmo has a lot of space on the left and tries to operate the strongly incoming room on the long post, but the ball of the Spaniard is too imprecise, so that the Cologne team can easily collect the flank.

26.: The encounter ripples a little, the offensive forces are currently doing through on both sides. However, the Leipziger now seem significantly more passive than in the first round.

24.: In the middle of the first round we see a balanced game in Leipzig, both teams come into play with richly offensive firepower and put pressure on the opposing defensive series. Leipzig’s returnee Timo Werner is still comparatively inconspicuous, but has already played some clever passes.

22.: Ljubicic-what is going on with the Cologne? The Austrian picks up a pass from Dietz class on the right in the sixteen and pulls it off from eight meters, his shot goes just above the short crossbar.

20.: The Cologne residents turn up a little, are the better team at the moment. Leipzig has lost the thread a little in the past few minutes.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the live ticker-yellow for Thielmann

18.: Thielmann tears room to the ground after a Cologne corner to prevent a counterattack. The Cologne team is warned for the first time this season.

17.: Dietz on the other side! After a steep pass from Ehizibue, Thielmann places flat in front of the penalty point to Dietz, which pulls flat from twelve meters. Simakan still has the foot in between.

15.: Leipzig cheered for the second time and again. Werner initially turns up great against Hüber and sends Nkunku steeply in the penalty area center, where the striker curves and inserted. The striker was clearly offside.

14.: Ruppiger start, smaller fouls always ensure game interruptions on both sides. The Leipzigers slowly increase their game shares.

12.: Cologne on the other side: Kainz brings a sharp flank from the left side to the short post to Dietz, who misses the play equipment by centimeter with his head. The ball was whipped by centimeters past the right alumnium.

11.: and video assistant Felix Zwayer passes correctly. The ball plays space in the duel with Ehizibue clearly by hand, fire looks at the scene again and then takes the hit back.

9.: Olmo with the dream start for the Leipziger! Space prevails in the sixteen against Ehizibue and plays the ball from the baseline back to Olmo, which inserts the right corner from the nope of the left sixteeneck. Swabia is without a chance. Referee Brand still clouds the euphoria, he checks a possible handball of space.

7.: The Cologne residents keep it well in the initial phase, the Leipzigers hardly let it penetrate their own half. This is a very good start for the guests who had actually adjusted to a defensively characterized encounter today.

5.: Particular attention is paid to the only 20-year-old Eric Martel, who switched from Leipzig to the Rhine before the start of the season. He gives his Bundesliga debut in the midfield center.

3.: Thielmann with the first degree! The young Cologne native pulls from the left towards the penalty area and pulls off from there, his shot flies in the middle just above the box of Gulacsi.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the live ticker-kick 1st half-time

1.: Let’s go! The ball rolls in Leipzig!

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga now in the live ticker

Before the start: , today’s encounter by Benjamin Brand, his assistants on the side lines are Thomas Stein and Marcel Unger. Max Burda is fourth. Felix Zwayer is sitting on the video monitors today, and he is supported by Markus Häcker.

Before the start: The Leipzig, on the other hand, committed to Timo Werner the goal scorer, who once shot the Leipzig to the vice championship and is supposed to boost the offensive back in the game after a rather weak pre-season. Even a week ago, the Leipzigers had problems with efficiency despite numerous occasions on the offensive, it was only enough for a 1-1 in Stuttgart.

Before the start: Leipzig is of course a different number as a promoted Schalke, but the three goals show at the start of the season: at 1. FC Köln it is on the offensive, and the Leipziger also have to be in amazement in front of the variable guests. For Steffen Baumgart, the duel with the Saxons is a hard test: today he will see whether his team can attack again in the upper half of the table.

Before the start: The rushed departure of Anthony Modeste overshadowed the actually sovereign 3-1 opening success of the Cologne team at Schalke 04. Without replacement, the eleven of Steffen Baumgart goes into the first away game of the season in Leipzig. But: With Kainz and Ljubicic, two offensive forces that could replace modesters in the network last weekend.

Before the start: Steffen Baumgart, on the other hand, exchanges four times compared to the 3: 1 against FC Schalke 04: Chabot is replaced by Hüber’s central defense, on the right-hand side Ehizibue begins for Schmitz. Martel replaces Schindler in midfield, so that Dietz is the only tip in front.

Before the start: The Cologne team start like this: Schwäbe-Hizibue, Kilian, Hübers, Hector-Shkiri, Martel-Thielmann, Ljubicic, Kainz-Dietz.

Before the start: Domenico Tedesco, exchanges in three positions compared to the 1-1 against VfB Stuttgart: Klostermann is replaced by Simakan in the triple chain, Szoboszlai starts in the midfield center. And: returnee Timo Werner makes his debut for Andre Silva in the storm.

Before the start: The lineups are there, Leipzig begins as follows: Gulacsi-Simakan, Orban, Halstenberg-Novoa, Henrichs, Szoboszlai, Raum-Nkunku, Werner.

Before the start: Some lose their star striker, the others get their back: The signs in front of the duel between Cologne and Leipzig could not be more different. Who grabs the important three points in Leipzig? Let’s find out!

Before the start: For RB Leipzig, the Bundesliga start was not made to measure. The game between today’s host and VfB Stuttgart ended in 1: 1 automa. 1. FC Köln, on the other hand, won his game against Schalke 04. With a win, 1. FC Köln can now unlock to BVB in the table. With RB Leipzig, however, a difficult task is waiting for Steffen Baumgart’s team.

Before the start: The game on matchday 2 on the Bundesliga begins today at 3:30 p.m. in the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the game between RB Leipzig and 1. FC Köln.

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga today in the live ticker-official line-up

| RB Leipzig: Gulacsi-Simakan, Orban, Halstenberg-Novoa, Henrichs, Dani Olmo, Raum, Szoboszlai, Nkunku-Werner
1. FC Köln: ** Schwäbe-Hicibue, Kilian, Hübers, Hector-Martel, Skhiri, Thielmann, Ljubicic, Kainz-F. Dietz

RB Leipzig vs. 1. FC Köln: Bundesliga today live on TV and livestream

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Bundesliga: The current table

Rank Team Games Difference Points
1 Borussia Dortmund 2 3 6
2 Bayern Munich 1 5 3
3 SC Freiburg 2 2 3
4 1.
FC Köln 1 2 3
4 1.
FC Union Berlin 1 2 3
4 Bor. Mönchengladbach 1 2 3
7 1.
FSV Mainz 05 1 1 3
8 VfL Wolfsburg 1 0 1
8 Werder Bremen 1 0 1
10 RB Leipzig 1 0 1
10 VfB Stuttgart 1 0 1
12 VfL Bochum 1 -1 0
13 Bayer Leverkusen 1 -1 0
14 1899 Hoffenheim 1 -2 0
14 FC Schalke 04 1 -2 0
14 Hertha BSC 1 -2 0
17 FC Augsburg 1 -4 0
18 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 -5 0

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