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In Tower of Fantasy, you will need various items and materials to improve and strengthen weapons. Players will come across massive color crystals that can be destroyed to get ores of the elements. These elemental materials that you find in the game endow the special forces of the elements with a certain weapon. Magcor is a crystal with the power of the Volt element. Here’s how players can find a magicra in Tower of Fantasy.

Где найти Магкора в Tower of Fantasy?

Players can get Magcore in several ways in Tower of Fantasy. You will find a massive purple crystals which can be destroyed to get Magcor. Players will need Elementary weapons of Volta Destroy violet crystals. In addition, you can take and quit Volt cores Break these purple crystals.

Players can also get Magcor by exchange black gold in Weapon store . In support store there is also a magcore that can be obtained by exchanging support points . Maggors can be used to improve the elemental weapon of volts, and you can also use them to obtain ores of a higher rarity. For example, players need to combine four magicors to get the heart of lightning .

Elementary purity increases with rare ores, and it is best to stock up on magicors before using them. In Tower of Fantasy, players will receive such types of weapons as Venus, double electromagnetic stars, thunder blades, shram staff, thunder halberd, and some elements of Volta weapons. You will need Magcore to improve and strengthen this weapon. These elementary crystals are also awarded to players for performing various quests and stages in Tower of Fantasy.

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