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To get fragments of shelters in Tribes of Midgard, you must find shelters in the area of smoky highlands and completely clear each shelter level. If you do not clean the shelters from all enemies, that is, kill everyone, you will not get a fragment of the shelter necessary to open the den in which Fenrir, the saga boss is located.

where to find shelters in Tribes of Midgard

You can find shelters in the Smoki-Haylands region in the game. When studying the smoky highlands, we recommend looking for giant caves in the middle of the desert. Entering the cave, you will face face to face either with the horde of goblins, or with the soldiers of Brenalfar, or with archers, or with trolls. Sometimes there will also be werewolves, but they are quite rare.

How to survive in shelters in Tribes of Midgard

Before going straight to shelters, we strongly recommend that we have at least a rare and higher weapon and armor, as well as a power level of at least 220+. You can get both the best weapons and armor, as well as increase your strength, improving the blacksmith and blacksmith. After improvement, you can make the best armor, and this will significantly increase your power level.

An increase in level is also another option for obtaining higher levels of force in Tribes of Midgard. Do all this, and you can easily clean the shelters, just do not forget to take a little potion with you and are in no hurry.

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