Mon. May 29th, 2023

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, made a splash, announcing that the science fiction shooter from looters will appear in the Epic Game Store. To attract both the guards and New Lights, special content is carried out. Here’s how to get a free copy of Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack.

How to get a set for the 30th anniversary of Destiny 2 free

The guards who listen to the call of the traveler in the Epic Game Store will be able to get a set of 30 years for free. Usually on other platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam) this DLC is sold at a price of 24.99 dollars. Even if players already have a game on another platform, you should take EPIC if they need a 30TH Anniversary Pack package.

The 30th Anniversary Pack package has brought several new modes and many content. Guardians can take part in the call of Dares of Eternity, since their owners of the ZUR and the Heavenly Star Horse conduct them through a series of stupid tests. The performance of these tasks and awards gives the currency used to buy equipment inspired by the previous Bungie games.

If this is not enough, the guards can also go to the dungeon Ground Groundiness. Inspired Loot Cave of Destiny, the guards can unlock the legendary Gyallarhorn and a frightening set of the armor of Thorn. In general, this is a lot of funny content literally free.

To find out more about Destiny 2, read the Stand the Guard section, since Destiny 2 skins will appear in Fortnite in the game guides for professionals.

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