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Because Sala had actually not yet been registered with the organization at the time of his fatality, Cardiff had therefore not seen himself as a duty to pay the cash to FC Nantes. From Cardiff’s perspective, the transfer agreement was consequently not yet total as well as a result invalid. The CAS did not withstand this view. According to the board, the transfer at the time of Sala’s death was completely completed.

More than three years and seven months after the fatality of Argentine football professional Emiliano Sala, Cardiff City needs to pay six million euros in a transfer to his former club FC Nantes.

Later on, a business owner that had actually arranged the flight with the single-engine machine was punished to an 18-month prison sentence for endangering the security of an airplane. The pilot, which was also eliminated in the collision, is not claimed to have had a license for commercial trips nor for evening flights.

In January 2019, Cardiff and Nantes had settled on a transfer quantity of 17 million euros for Sala. The after that 28-year-old had actually collapsed 2 days after the transfer of the transfer on January 21, 2019 on the means to Wales by airplane over the English Channel.

The CAS claimed that the International Cardiff perspectives Court in Lausanne validated an equivalent decision by the Globe Association FIFA in a judgment. The Welsh Club from the 2nd English organization Championship has failed with its appeal against the FIFA claiming in December 2019, according to which the initial price of 6 million euros should be paid.

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