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Large surprises often come in small and unexpected packages. Not always a macho, a muscular freak saves a position, but sometimes a botanist can give great help. If you played Multiversus, you should know that we are talking about Velma Dinkley, which we will discuss in this guide and tell you everything about what the best perks are for it and how you can use it effectively.

Best Velma in Multiversus Velma

Perki play an important role in determining the progress of the battle, especially if you are a support player, such as Velma, and your chances of victory greatly depend on your choice of perks.

Fortunately, in Multiversus there are many perks for each character that will help you take responsibility for the scene, and the same applies to the character under discussion-Velma Dinkley.

Velma is a support player who mainly relies on his shell and a teammate in order to cope with dirty work, so when choosing perks for her, we will focus on increasing the value of her shells and teammates.

Below we mentioned the best perks for Velma Dinkley in Multiversus.

Corporate bonus: studied

Velma, being a character of support, can call a police car that will arrive and catch the nearest enemy when Velma or the team will collect 5 evidence from the entire scene.

This perk allows Velma to appear with already collected evidence, which will greatly facilitate you and your teammates to collect the rest and a call of a police car.

perk slot 1: ice to defeat you!

This bonus will allow you and your team to apply one glass of ice every time your projectile throws the enemy. The ice debuff is very useful for slowing enemies, and if you fold it, you can apply a double debuff.

perk slot 2: shirt gun sniper

The Shirt Cannon Sniper perk will allow your shells to apply 7% more damage to distant enemies, and if you fold it with your command, damage will increase to 15%.

perk slot 3: deadly shot

Velma is as useful as its shells, so we chose a de-shot that will increase the damage inflicted on its shells by 5%, and if you can accumulate, damage will increase to 10%.

Tips Velma

Below are some tips, which should be remembered, playing in Velm.

Keep distance

Velma is a support player and was not created for hand-to-hand combat, like other characters such as superman, so it is best to stay at a safe distance between you and your enemies and use your shells and support ability to help the team with the distance.

shells-your best friends

Velma has a large arsenal of attacks, most of which consists of attacks by shells that cause great damage to enemies and cast them.

Velma uses speech bubbles containing mathematical equations and questions that discard enemies, and also cause significant damage. Make sure that you have a perk that will add to this damage, and everything is ready.

Choose teammates wisely

Velma can be a strong character, but in itself she is not the strongest character in the game, so it is best to choose teammates who can properly support you and increase your value.

When the support player, you will have to use your teammates as a shield so that you can stay alive for longer and continue to provide your team with such necessary support, so you must choose a teammate who will distract all the views from you, and can also eat attacks that otherwise will be on your way

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