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League of Legends can evolve in thousands of different ways, but there are elements that will never disappear from the game. Riot Games has already defined some basic aspects of the title as untouchable spaces and among them are the resources used by the champions to launch skills. Although there are some exceptions with characters that can use their spells freely, most find some type of restriction. However, we are here to ask ourselves What would be the most powerful heroes in case all these mechanisms disappeared forever.

In this house we love doing League of Legends fiction exercises. We have already created our own Tier List if the flash did not exist or determined which would be the best champion if there were only basic attacks. The truth is that the result is usually quite fun and us allows you to learn some things about how Riot Games works . In this case we have no example in which to set ourselves since, although URF eliminates the limitation of Maná’s expenditure, it also reduces cooling to an extreme at which it is almost impossible to draw reasonable conclusions. Despite this, we anticipate that one of the chosen ones also reigns in that mode of play.

Kassadin: The choice of players who want to show off

It was clear that in the list the heroes that suffer most with the management of their resources would have to appear and there are not many champions that in the last minutes of the games have as many problems as Kassadin. To inflict damage you need to have loaded its final to the fullest, but when that happens you can barely use it a couple of times. In a world without mana, the truth is that it couldalways carry the load to the fullest and volatilize the enemies * with just finding them on the map. In addition, their rotations for the invoker crack would be chilling.

We know how a Kassadin works with Infinite Maná thanks to the fact that he already existed in League of Legends. It was a temporary improvement offered by the previous version of mental clarity . Until it was modified in patch 8.7, this rune of the precision branch offered seven seconds of Maná Infinito by eliminating a champion. The result was a real scandal, with the character jumping incessantly (especially from level 16) and getting countless casualties. At the time, it was one of the most feared combinations of the entire video game.

Yuumi: The best option that only the unconscious

If the current Yuumi seems to you an unbearable champion, wait for us to take away the only great restriction of it. This champion has the doubtful honor of counting a spell that costs a percentage of her maximum mana of her (12%). In this way, Riot Games forces the players who want to help their teammates with the E (Gatuna Pressing) to risk more with passive and limits its effectiveness in the fights. Now, simply, think of a universe that the few weaknesses of the magical cat disappear and she can exercise the great functions of protection of it without limitations and from the first levels.

Akali: the response of the most aggressive players

The best option to on track the games would be Akali. The energy costs of the champion are a problem throughout the game, but especially unfolding at the first levels. When we face it we thank the developers of League of Legends for making it that the Q of it (full of five points) of it costs 130 points of this resource, but when using it we could not feel more clumsy. Liberated from her restrictions, she could launch them their smaller spell every 1.5 seconds and turn the fights into hell.

Shyvana: The most intelligent option

Although we specifically mention Shyvana because she is the character we would like to control most permanently, the truth is that any champion who uses this resource can occupy her position. In this case, what we would have is a character that can use the definitive one at discretion of it and become one of the most powerful monsters of League of Legends. Fighting thanks to her physical damage would be fearsome and throwing her draconian breath thanks to her ability power would volatilize us with just two blows.

Malphite: The choice of the most annoying players

Any player who has spent enough hours playing League of Legends knows how annoying it is to face Malphite. Especially when he uses the rune Arcane comet combined with his Q (seismic fragment) , the champion is able to bitter the line phase. The problem for him is that the manna exhausts him just two minutes. Not depending on this resource would also allow you to buy better items and in general terms it would make it much more dangerous.

Of course, there would be countless options and many characters would benefit from having no restrictions to launch skills.
Do not stop sharing with us what your favorite champions would be If the Maná cease to exist in League of Legends.

After all, we have built this same top with the help of the community.

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