Mon. May 29th, 2023

The Digital Platform Government Committee, a presidential committee, was officially launched on the 2nd.

President Yoon Seok-yeol attended the committee held at the Yongsan President’s Office at 10 am on the day and commissioned the private committee and discussed the future direction.

The digital platform government is a government where people, businesses, and governments together solve social problems and create new values on the digital platform where all data is connected.

It is a new model of the administration of national affairs, which is a monopolized provider, and is a new model for the administration of the government, which is free from the current government method that provides unilateral services.

Since the announcement of the digital platform government’s promotion of the Digital Platform Government in May, the Presidential Acquisition Committee’s Digital Platform Government TF has established regulations on the establishment and operation of the Digital Platform Government Committee, and completed the consultation and budget for the formation of the promotion team.

■ 6 people and compositions… 19 private experts participated

In order to make the best use of the private expertise and creative ideas to implement the digital platform government, the committee has 19 best experts who have many field experiences in the fields of digital technologies such as AI, data, and security, public administration, and industrial ecosystem. Participate as a private committee.

Private committee members will be active in six divisions: artificial intelligence data, infrastructure, service, work innovation, industrial ecosystem, and information protection.

In the artificial intelligence data division, Ha Jung-woo, Director of AI Lab Research Institute, Hwang-hee Kakao Healthcare, and Bae Soon-min, director of KT AI2XL, will discuss the promotion of data opening and creating new value using artificial intelligence.

In the Infrastructure Division, Oh Jong-hoon, a professor at KAIST Information Media Business School, Lee Han-joo, CEO of Vespin Global, and Song Ho-cheol, the Duzon Bizon Platform Business Division, will participate in the establishment and operation of the digital platform government’s core infrastructure data and to be easily used by anyone..

In the service division, Cha In-hyuk, CEO of CJ Olive Networks, CEO Kim Jong-hyun, and Kim Hyung-sook, Head of Digital Healthcare Center, Hanyang University, will seek ways to provide innovative public services that can be felt by the people.

In the Innovation Division, Kim Young-mi, Professor of Public Administration, Moon Myung-jae, Professor of Public Administration, and Shin Eun-young, SAP Korea, will discuss ways to innovate the way of working with the government using new technologies.

In the Industrial Ecosystem Division, Cho Joon-hee, chairman of the Korea Software Industry Association, Koo Tae-eon, CEO of Lin Tech & Ro, and Ahn Sung-woo, will participate in creating a virtuous cycle of the digital platform government where the private and public grow together.

In the information security division, Kwon Heon-young, Professor of Information Security, Korea University, Jung Ji-yeon, Secretary General of the Korea Consumer Federation, and Kim Dae-hwan, a representative of the Somanshaman, will present a plan to implement the digital platform government that can be used safely and conveniently.

In addition, the Government Commissioner included the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Minister of Public Administration and Security, and the Chairman of the Personal Information Protection Committee.

■ Establishment of focus on the first quarter of next year

President Yoon celebrated the launch of the committee and gave a letter of commission to 18 civilian members, following Kojin, who was commissioned on July 29. He then discussed the directions and plans that should go on to realize the digital platform government.

Chairman Kojin ▲ Implementation of the digital platform government innovation infrastructure for public-private collaboration and integrated service ▲ Government’s work innovation using advanced technologies such as high-quality data open and utilization that the people want ▲ artificial intelligence data ▲ safe and reliable The company announced that it will focus on four tasks, including guaranteeing the environment.

In addition, each subcommittee introduced the key tasks, and attendees freely spoke and discussed the direction and plan that should go on to realize the digital platform government based on the field experience.

The Commission plans to present the vision, philosophy, and direction of the digital platform government, focusing on future divisions, and establish detailed plans for focusing tasks by the first quarter of next year.

In order to form a consensus against the digital platform government, the government will quickly promote the national feelings and promote policy communication with the people through competitions and meetings.

Chairman Kojin said, When the digital platform government is completed, the ‘first-time government service’, which provides what the people wants in advance, is realized, and companies are expected to create new businesses using the high-quality data opened by the government. said.

In the meantime, many committees have not secured execution, but the Digital Platform Government Committee will evaluate major projects and report committee activities to the State Council by quarterly. I added.

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