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Concerns to nationwide instructor Hansi Flick about the 0-1 of the German nationwide soccer group in the Nations Organization versus Hungary in Leipzig.

What knowledge do you draw from defeat?

Jamal is a terrific footballer. We chose a listing. In the second half, everyone who got on the pitch showed why they played, even if it did not result in a factor or success. When a team is deep and also compactly protected, Jamal has that particular something. He would certainly have done us well in the very first fifty percent, yet we picked eleven other gamers.

On Monday, Wembley is no much longer regarding anything. England has relegated from the greatest organization of the Nations League, Germany can no much longer be a group victor. Is it still a sort of mood video game of both teams with the World Cup in Qatar?

We desired to attempt something with Jonas Hoffmann in the right-back placement due to the fact that I claimed I would like to act with two offensive full-backers. As an outcome, we no longer had the regular processes of the past games. We still wanted to have every little thing in England for the group victory, but currently to the games of Italy and also Hungary.

No Eventually, absolutely nothing adjustments in the need. After these two worldwide matches, we still have six or seven weeks until the very first World Mug game. We anticipate everyone to work once more; One in physical conditioning, the other in the conviction in the long run, in the header game. We need to enhance, the video game showed that. The defeat might have come at the correct time, I choose it than if it took place at the World Mug.

Excellent inquiry. Such video games are constantly inconvenient, now in this phase. I don’t wish to search for reasons. I said it at the start: We attempted something when providing that really did not fruit. That’s why I have to take part of the whole on my cap. Nevertheless, we have to do it in the way we began the video game in the initial half, we can and have to do it better.


Of course, I am dissatisfied, absolutely since you never such as to lose. Yet every so often you do not have to allow the feelings out. For me, it’s nearly taking something out of this game. We anticipate this from us as a team of coaches, yet also from the gamers.

We do well to check off and assess the video game. What exactly we do, exactly how we do it, we will sit down with the coaching group and with any luck established up the right eleven.

The offending 3 collection behind the tips did not look as in the game and also as positive as you know them, specifically Serge Gnabry, consisting of Thomas Müller. How do you react in the England video game?

It is challenging for me to translate their emotions after the initial loss. Are you let down? Are you disappointed? Just how are you?

If you desire to throw everything over your heap now, ## You do not look as.
Is the video game still a charm to the players that weren’t there that they could obtain a World Mug possibility once again?
I said that ahead of time that it is the same.
I only keep in mind Matthias Winter, who was not there in June and also is now back because he has actually made an excellent advancement.
We look closely.
We currently anticipate everybody to work with one or the various other.
Since that should be our goal that we most likely to Qatar as long as possible.

Your team did not enter into play throughout the very first defeat in her term as a national instructor. Why?

Your gamers revealed themselves self-critically quickly after the game, additionally mentioned wake-up telephone call. Why was this wake-up telephone call necessary in any way? Do not have to melt every person a couple of weeks before the Globe Cup, besides, it’s concerning regular places and also squares in the team?

The team has actually currently not played six games also absolutely no. Can you really just price this defeat as a slip?

Jamal Musial was outside. Was that still a root cause of the training injury? Because you have the sensation that when he is sitting outside, FC Bayern and also below also the creative moments are missing.

Hansi Flick : First, the loss annoys us. We all imagined something else.

The corner had actually kicked well. I also really did not believe we played out so couple of chances since we typically have high quality at the front.

Is it still a kind of state of mind game of both teams with the World Cup in Qatar?

After these two worldwide matches, we still have 6 or 7 weeks up until the first Globe Mug video game. ## Your gamers shared themselves self-critically instantly after the video game, additionally talked of wake-up telephone call. We have to do it in the way we started the game in the first half, we can and have to do it a lot better.

The team has currently not played six video games as well absolutely no.

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