Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

On September 23, Publish Games in Shanghai, China, announced on September 23 of Shan High Summer (Deep Naruto) . This work will be released for PC (Steam). According to the press release, the console version is also scheduled to be released.

Shan High Summer is a scientific fantasy ADV that elucidates the truth that wanders multiple dreams. The stage of this work is Shanghai, China in 2003. The main character, Hyakukawa, was helping a bookstore after graduating from college. One day, her ex-Lee autumn rain, who broke up to him, appeared. Her former her invitation triggered her hero’s life. The summer youth on the theme of restoration and salvation is drawn.

It is said that the protagonist, Hyakukawa, gathers topics and clues and repairs his dreams. In this work, the player follows the story from the perspective of the Miller Hyakukawa. Explore the world like a lucid dream, such as old classrooms, bookstores, and street corner coffee shops. By organizing the clues collected at the end of the day, it seems that the memory is repaired and approaching the truth. In the fictitious Shanghai, where the hero wanders, there are several characters with scratches. An unemployed young man who is chasing a dream. A bad high school student, Sure INAMI, who has a hesitation. A female college student, Sent, who is tied to the family, appears. The protagonist touches the tired scenery and gets deep in the hearts of her friends by wandering topics and clues. It seems that there is a possibility of changing her fate in everyday life.

This work is being developed by Shanghai Indie Game Studio HUTU GAMES, which was established in 2018. The studio is also developing an RPG Soul of Chronic, which faces mysterious incidents besides this work. As of May 2020, this work Shang High Summer was scheduled for January 2021, but the development has been promoted with the postponement of distribution. ASTROLABE Games in Shanghai, China, established in 2021, is in charge of the publishing of this work.


Shan High Summer will be available in Japanese and will be released for PC (Steam). According to the press release, the console version is preparing.

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