Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Right now, the effort to settle on a severance payment stopped working. Mutual’s demand, which celebrated his 43rd birthday celebration on September 27, is claimed to be 400,000 euros, however the HSV considers 100,000 euros to be suitable. We see no reason to discuss 100,000 euros, stated Mutual legal representative Wolfgang Seen.

A high quality date continued to be with no outcome. Currently, a chamber of the Hamburg court is being negotiated. The initial consultation will probably occur in January next year.

Football 2nd division Hamburger SV as well as his former ing activities’ director Michael Mutual were not able to settle on the termination of their work before the labor court.

The lawyers of both parties are stated to have actually settled on a severance repayment prior to the appointment, yet they had actually not located the approval of the HSV and the board Football AG supervisory board.

Michael Mutual desires no mud fight with the HSV

The club implicates the ex-official of sending an incorrect sworn statement, the transfer of secret information on transfers and also the persistent disregard of instructions. I don’t want there to be a mud fight, highlighted Mutual.

Nevertheless, he had actually experienced significant contact us to call through the procedures. In spite of whatever, he was and wanted a remedy.


In January, it was two points: the validity of the discontinuation without notice as well as the extension of the agreement between Mutual and the HSV, which was initially ended till June 30, 2023.

The club had separated three days prior to Mutual’s initial game of the period. The exemption and the termination without notification was come before by a substantial public objection from s supervisor Jonas Bold. I found out concerning the exemption unexpectedly, claimed Mutual.

Mutual’s demand, which celebrated his 43rd birthday on September 27, is stated to be 400,000 euros, yet the HSV considers 100,000 euros to be appropriate. We see no factor to chat over 100,000 euros, claimed Mutual attorney Wolfgang Seen.

I located out about the exemption out of the blue, claimed Mutual.


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