Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

As already known, one of the favorite series of almost everyone has been The paper house , which is now betting with a spin-off to tell alternative stories to what is already seen in Netflix. This will be named Berlin , and has been presented recently through a press conference that includes protagonists and their respective production.

It was commented during the ceremony that Berlin will have a different tone from The paper house , something more focused on the part of humor and romance. So the most drama parts will be in the background, something that can be taste for those who did not sympathize with the original story.

This is what explained Alex Piney regarding the narrative that will have the delivery:

Esther said a few days ago we came from a more hostile world. Her pendulum is to the other side. One lighter, comfortable. It is a new cycle in relation to the star character. I am very grateful because this adventure continues.


Although, it will be directly connected with The paper house , production writers are looking for their own identity to Berlin , everything to feel like their own adventure. They are looking to separate themselves in some way to the past work, but they do not deny at all that suddenly they jump references for those who consider themselves fans.

For now, there is no premiere date for the series.

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