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The game A 0ne Piece from Boss Studios, named after the popular anime and manga on which it is based,Old piece_, released the Roku update, in which various errors were fixed, a completely new region, a new race and even a new support style appeared. To learn more about these new additions and functions, including how to get a new GO style, continue to read our short guide below.


How to unlock the Support style in the game a 0ne Piece

To get the GO style, you first need to get to multicelled sea -the third sea of experience and what was added with the update of the GO. To do this, find multi-sized Yuri NPC who is on Island of Dawn and talk to them. After that, you will have the opportunity to teleport to Multiverse Sea.

As soon as you get to the island of the Renaissance of the Sea of Multivery, you can see the island of the dragon pearl at a distance-this is where we need to go further. On the island of Dragon Ball there are two NPCs, Satan Andre and also Satan Andre 2 , who will teach you both the style of Roku and the transformation of Super Aryan. However, in order to learn any of these lessons, you need to be Aryan, which means that you should transfer your race until you become them if you are no longer Taiwan.

After talking with Aryan Andre 2, if you yourself are Aryan, you can purchase the GO style for 20,000 gems . If you want to study the transformation of Super Aryan, you can do this by talking with Aryan Andre and bought it for 10,000 precious stones. The set of movements for Roku Style and Super Taiwan can be found below.

* Style Roku

* Hit with a fist
* Kamehameha
* Meteor Combo
* Spiritual bomb

* Super Taiwan
* Hit with a fist
* The disappearing Kamehameha
* I explosion
* Meteor Combo
* Super spiritual bomb

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