Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

No foul for me, commented Adam at Sport1 the scene from the 42nd minute, in which he had pressed Frankfurt’s Jesper Windstorm as well as therefore stopped them from capturing.
Referee Sasha Telemann had denied Frankfurt the due penalty, as well as the Var manage did not.


A clear wrong choice, as Telemann subsequently admitted himself.
Adam saw it differently.
I do not understand, I felt like I was body with him. That’s why I found that it was right from the referee, stated the worldwide after the last whistle.
The not given, especially for the Frankfurt team, which ultimately created great trouble for the Frankfurter, had actually even caused great problem, sporting activities’ director Markus Roche even asked for the abolition of the video proof.
When asked whether he could understand the anger of the SGE, Adam responded with indifference: That is their thing, we obtained three points, he said, including: I don’t really care.

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