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FC Schalke 04 is still in dilemma in the Bundesliga. At the launching of Thomas Was, the tightens were sent out to SC Freiburg on Sunday. The day in the past, FC Bayern Munich and BVB were able to win. To choose the match day:

ABI Alonso (coach Bayer Leverkusen): The 2nd half was various. We really did not have that lots of opportunities, but I had the feeling that we have to go on to have these possibilities. We know how good Leipzig is, you require Simply a mistake from us to shoot the 2nd objective. After that it was really, really difficult..

Enrico Masses (trainer FC Augsburg): I think we came into play really well. I found that at the end of the first fifty percent we were the extra energetic team and likewise obtained extremely well out of the cabin.

… to the video game: It was an emotional video game as well as it is really dissatisfied that we lose this game. We had many circumstances in which we might have racked up chances, so the defeat is really bitter..

CFB Stuttgart-FC Augsburg (2: 1).

1. FC Köln-TSG Cofferdam (1: 1).

… to the game: It went well for us. If you have this game line, it must be a ten-against-eleven game from the 65th minute..

Andre Breitenreiter (coach TSG Cofferdam): In the long run it finishes with a simply 1-1. Have actually likewise entered play well, but the right precision at the last pass was missing out on. If you see the running data of both groups, after that no one was tired today..

FC Cologne): Both groups attempted to reveal a good game, both had a great opportunity. Michael Swimmer (instructor VfB Stuttgart): We obtained right into the game incredibly severely. That was also not to be expected because both groups have a close program, but both have the battle on theirs Supported by way and also made an extensive game out of it..

Michael Swimmer (trainer VfB Stuttgart): We obtained into the video game extremely severely. The 1-1 at half-time was deserved. We played it truly well and played out a lot of possibilities.

Julian Nagelsmann (train Bayern Munich): Large compliment what the group is tearing off every three days. It is a lot of enjoyable enjoying, it is a blend of top quality and also mindset. The most significant praise, that’s exceptionally straight..

… to the umpire efficiency: The web game time was very low today. There was little flow of the video game and also many yellow cards. After that the circumstance includes Mitchell wiser and also that is yellow-red if you have such a video game. Should not be misunderstood. If you have this video game line, it has to be a ten-against-eleven video game from the 65th min..

Bavaria Munich-FSV Mainz 05 (6: 2).

Sandro Schwarz (trainer Bertha BSC)…

Contract Frankfurt-Borussia Dortmund (1: 2).

Thomas Was (instructor Schalke 04): We were able to require Freiburg to do many lengthy balls, defended it rather well, but played out our switching moments dirty. In the 2nd fifty percent, Freiburg currently has us hectic, the sticking point was the charge, so the video game was nearly over.

Steffen Rampart (train 1. FC Cologne): Both teams tried to reveal a good game, both had a great chance.

Thomas Let sch (trainer VFL Bochum): We were without an opportunity and still well served with four goals. After such a discriminatory game, you are of program disappointed.

Christian Stretch (trainer SC Freiburg): We discussed way of thinking and perspective before the video game. This way of thinking and also perspective revealed the team from the very first min, in general a great efficiency and also a deserved success..

RB Leipzig-Bayer Leverkusen (2: 0).

… to the several Bremen goals in the final phase: We usually meet in the final phase this season. It deserves remaining as well as not going prematurely. If you satisfy regularly in the last phase, you always have this idea, constantly on have the ability to satisfy completion..

much more: Notes: Eintracht Frankfurt seriously on superior BVB keeper.

Marco Rose (train RB Leipzig): We are extremely pleased with the outcome. I believe it was not a playful special today. That was also not to be anticipated due to the fact that both groups have a close program, however both have the battle on theirs Supported by method and also made an extensive game out of it..

… to the video game: It went well for us. Friday night, full hut and also excellent atmosphere. It was an extremely close game as well as ultimately centimeters chose. Both groups were at eye degree with the far better end. It was. A very grown-up efficiency since we defended well. The trick on the defensive was that we fitted well. The bottom line was not undeserved..

Daniel Fake (instructor Borussia Mönchengladbach): Naturally that was a disappointing end. We played a very excellent very first half, deservedly led, could have had the ability to rack up the 2nd goal. Then it drops 1-1 from nothing and clear, Then the stadium exists. You constantly have to be broad awake here at Union..

Welder Bremen-Hertha BSC (1: 0).

Ole Werner (train SV Welder Bremen)…

Nike Kovacs (coach VFL Wolfsburg): We showed a ripe performance and also played truly excellent football. The interaction worked extremely well, just the exploitation of opportunities can have been far better. You can currently talk a bit of a golden October with us, so may continue in November..

FC Schalke 04-SC Freiburg (0: 2).


Union Berlin-Borussia Mönchengladbach (2: 1).

BO Venison (trainer FSV Mainz 05): Congratulations to Julian and also FC Bayern for the triumph gained at this elevation. In the 2nd fifty percent we didn’t do it well.

Oliver Glaser (instructor Eintracht Frankfurt): We have to look for the mistake with ourselves. We have actually left also numerous opportunities, especially in the 2nd half.

Edwin Eric (trainer Borussia Dortmund): We are very completely satisfied with the win. It was not a really excellent video game, it was a tough fight. Few teams will win here. It was a happy success, however it was trendy..

Ole Werner (coach SV Welder Bremen)…

VFL Wolfsburg-VfL Bochum (4: 0).

Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin): In the second fifty percent it was actually dominant. The team did not give up as well as believed in it. As well as we really did not try lengthy balls, yet happily. The team actually deserves this triumph. That really is worthy of. It’s a terrific snapshot. It’s an insanity, really..

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