Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

On October 31, the domestic game production team Chill’s Art announced Hikaru . The compatible platform is PC (Steam). The Steam store page has been released, and according to the store page, it is scheduled to be released in 2022.

Hikaru is a psychological horror game under the development of Shiraz Art. The stage of this work is a 24-hour karaoke shop in Japan. The protagonist is one girl who came to karaoke. In this work, the player experienced fear from her perspective. It will be involved in karaoke shops and some situations that occur around them. Details are unknown, but some screenshots are posted on the Steam store page. From the image, you can see the inside of the karaoke shop with a drink bar and the landscape of an unpopular night city. There is also a scene like riding a bicycle with a mobile device in one hand, and events outside the karaoke store may be drawn.

This work is declared as a die horror as a genre. In the 3D world, which is roughly expressed in the VHS-style filter, there seems to be a fear of hunting down players mentally. In addition, this work has multi-ending, and can reach six types of endings according to the contents of game play. It also supports VHS filters on/off switching and auto save.

Shiraz Art, which is developing this work, is a domestic game production team. In the past work, many short horror works such as Night shift case, accident property, and exception delivery have been released. It has attracted attention, focusing on distribution/videos by game commentators and Tuber. In the previous work Hell Public Bath distributed on October 1, 2022, 76 % of Steam’s 231 user reviews in the article wrote the status Slightly popular. In Japanese reviews, while the production of players is scared, some say that the story and the degree of perfection have been pointed out.


In addition, Chirps Art has released Hell Public Bath and Closed Case since 2022. If this work Hikaru is released as scheduled, it will be the third work in 2022.

Hikaru will be released in 2022 for PC (Steam).


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