Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Tape-record world champ Lewis Hamilton is now likewise honorary resident of Brazil. That ought to be passionate regarding the excitement prior to the Formula 1 race in São Paulo this Sunday (7 p.m., live! With RTL, Skies and also Twist). Among one of the most amazing concerns prior to the penultimate Grand Prix of the period relates to a German.

What takes place to Mick Schumacher?

The former Formula 1 primary marketer Bernie Ecclestone recommended Mick Schumacher to make friends with various other motorsport collection. The 92-year-old Brit does not anticipate the son of record globe champion Michael Schumacher to obtain the 2nd Haas cockpit beside the Danes Kevin Rasmussen for 2023. Team manager Gunther Steiner has actually revealed that the open employees have been clarified in Abu Dhabi in the next week at the most up to date. Or exists a decision in Brazil, where Michael Schumacher drove his last Grand Prix in 2012? All the same, Nico Gutenberg is an encouraging successor prospect for Mick Schumacher, whose contract expires.

What drives Max Verstappen?

Max Verstappen at the very least asserts the stats. Numbers have never been essential, I simply enjoy the moment. I truly appreciated becoming part of this group for a very long time and also hopefully it will certainly be a very long time, said the two-time globe champion. Nevertheless, the Red Bull Pilot can be broadened by its long-established second World Mug title. Verstappen already has 14 season triumphs, two can be added. He can still follow his 416 factors, as there is also a sprint race in São Paulo.

What is the sprint race really?

After IMOCA as well as Spielberg, a sprint race will certainly be held in São Paulo this year. There had already been one right here last period. The sprint is intended to offer the Grand Prix weekend break extra voltage. In comparison to in 2014, there are likewise more points. The champion gets 8 factors and also not just three like 2021. In the coming year there will certainly also be six sprint races.

and just what does the sprint style resemble?


The small event on Saturday is a race over 100 kilometers of distance, which corresponds to 24 rounds in Interlagos. The adhering to apply in the sprint: no mandatory pit stop and also no tactical assistance from the command stand. The result of the sprint determines the starting line-up for the Grand Prix on Sunday. The normal certification with the three knockout rounds occurs on Friday. The result of this system is the basis for the sprint line-up day after. Last year the pole setting went to the chauffeur who won the sprint. This moment the statistically vital performance is credited to the fastest from the qualification.

exists a penalty Ovum at Pierre Gaily?

That ought to be enthusiastic about the excitement before the Formula 1 race in São Paulo this Sunday (7 p.m., live! He can still follow his 416 factors, as there is additionally a sprint race in São Paulo.

After IMOCA and Spielberg, a sprint race will be held in São Paulo this year. In the coming year there will even be six sprint races.

Pierre Gaily is at the forefront in the register of transgressions. The Frenchman of Alpha Lauri has actually gathered 10 penalty factors, most lately he was also prosecuted 3 times in a row. Twelve warnings in a period of twelve months instantly lead to a one-race lock. No Formula 1 driver has needed to stop because the system was presented in 2014. Since Gaily’s fine factors no much longer expire this year, he would be blocked in Abu Dhabi in the last Formula 1 race in the last Formula 1 race. His future auto racing team Alpine would definitely not mind, or else the 26-year-old will certainly begin the brand-new period at the French group with a home loan.

Considering that Gaily’s fine points no longer end this year, he would certainly be obstructed in Abu Dhabi in the last Formula 1 race in the last Formula 1 race.

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