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Mr. EBL, have there been tips from the brother-in-law?

Yes, the prep work for the game is much more intensive, due to the fact that there are likewise more devices available with which we can analyze the enemy’s style of play. That takes more time, but it’s additionally enjoyable.

Football is constantly a problem with us because we are a football-crazy household. I likewise don’t require any tips due to the fact that I desire to find my own method as an instructor.

It has actually absolutely transformed a lot given that the climb.

Is the treatment different from Bayernliga times?

After the start, the group made a strong beginning with five victories from 6 video games. There was just one success from the subsequent eleven video games. From the past 3 video games you got 7 factors. Is the hanger overcome?

In the local organization we satisfy much better groups, some of which are premium to us like Interacting or Würzburg. We come close to the games differently.

It was clear before the beginning of the season that it can be a close period for the DJK Killing…

Definitive. Prior to the season, I had a difficult time discovering six teams that can land behind us. The league is so solid with the numerous expert groups that we need to reach our border in every game to score. Every video game is tight, it is constantly directed on button.

The last three video games with seven factors were extremely crucial. For us: we want to constantly rack up so as not to obtain into the threat of relegation.

Is it the low regional organization experience in the Dillinger team that has so far caused issues?

Before the season with Jim-Patrick Müller, Andreas Hunger, Thomas Stowage, Fabian Trettenbach and Nico Dancer, who has actually not bet a minute this season because of an Achilles tendon tear, we just had 5 gamers who have local organization objectives. This difference to the various other groups is blatant.

After the beginning, the team made a strong beginning with 5 success from six games. 20 game days are over.

Every game is tight. Whether against the 4th or the last, it comes to be hard anywhere for us.

The table after the bottom of the table is waiting for SV Heimstetten.

The table after the bottom of the table is waiting on SV Heimstetten. How high is the journey risk?

We do it well with the options readily available to us, due to the fact that we are pure amateurs as well as will certainly continue to be in the future. If we see that in the table we are also in advance of Schweinfurt 05, in front of Augsburg II and Fürth II who work under expert conditions, that’s alright.

20 video game days are over. How is your intermediate conclusion?

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