Tue. Mar 21st, 2023


[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Neo wiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, BAE Tae-hyun) was introduced in the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, two PC games such as ‘AKA’ and ‘Sana bi’. Announced.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase is an event that introduces indie games that are scheduled to be released as a switch, a console device developed by Nintendo. This year, it was released on a 25-minute video on the Nintendo YouTube Global Channel on the 10th.

Through this showcase, Aka announced the news of the in-game content update. Casual Adventure Game Aka has unveiled three new islands that can be explored, including Maple Island, Palms Island, and Bamboo Island. Contents such as ‘Taro Card Store’ and ‘Cat Bar’ will be added, including ‘Inventor’s House’ where you can enjoy mini-games.

Aka confirmed the official release date on December 15 at this event. It will be released as a global PC game distribution platform ‘Steam’ and ‘Nintendo Switch’.

In the case of mountain butterfly, the showcase set up a time to watch the trailer video containing the game story and in-game contents. The game beta update will be on the 22nd. You can check the additional development section and intermediate boss in Chapter 3, and some contents of Chapter 4 will be released. New technologies such as knock backs and charges are also introduced.

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