Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Square Enix distributed the 74th FFI Producer Letter LIVE to deliver information implemented in the next update of Final Fantasy XIV on November 11.

In addition to the main stories that have reached a big progress, we will deliver the next update information that will add various content, such as updating the uninhabited island development and new out content, will be delivered together!

Patch 6.3 Heaven Celebration Festival, the sound of the earth will be distributed in early January next year!

First, the patch title and the scheduled delivery time were released. Patch 6.3 Heaven Celebration Festival, Running of the Ground is scheduled to be distributed in early January 2023 next year, and Mr. Yeshiva supplements the timing just after the New Year.

In this main story of this patch, the NPC Zero that appeared in Patch 6.2 continued to appear. A screenshot that will be set in Galeão again has been released, and Mr. Yeshiva says, The story moves considerably.

In the main story, you will visit the new instance dungeon Snowmen Laps Manages .

In addition, there is also a scene where Mr. Yeshiva reacts to the comment that said, (Goleta) Shinto’s name is flowing, but I do not say anything.

In addition, a sequel to Tatar’s Great Prosperity Shorten around the world and New Adventure Extra, which will be released after clearing patch 6.2, will be added, and in the subsequent patch 6.35, the Hill Deb rand and Mandarin Weapon story. The continuation will be implemented.

Report it tribe, a friendly quest for crater, will appear in Patch 6.35. Usually, the material that can be exchanged in the friendship part quest of this Patch X.3 is indispensable for the equipment for crater gatherers in the future, so when Patch 6.35 is implemented, work on it every day. It seems better to leave it…

Content renovation for the purpose of responding to Content Supporters has been continued, and this time, all dungeons visited in the main story of Soften’s Asgard have been solo.

Although the Crystal Tower and Delivery Battle need to use the matching function, the dungeon up to the range that can be played with Fleetness can be played alone.

A number of contents such as ## 24 people raids and new breaks are added!

Not only Story Quest, but also various battle content will be added in patch 6.3. The Alliance Raid Musicology of Korea, a story about Korea’s Twelve Gods, is implemented, and this time Sofia, Alike, Ha rune and Meeting will appear as bosses. It is expected.

Two weeks after the implementation of patch 6.3, a new out of the high difficulty content will be implemented. Although it has not been revealed what kind of content will be, from the trends so far, the theme is the content implemented in Goren’s Liberator, the Dimensional Ha mama Omega and Shiki-Sacred Beast Titan. Some voices say that they are.

Mr. Yeshiva explains, as in the previous Barbaric, I want to give priority to the surprise of all players like the previous Barbaric.

In the Phantom Running War, Effort will continue to implement the three-fighting god Sofia Dunning Battle. If you make a mistake in the balance, this vicious content will fall from the field, and it seems that there will be a response.

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