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  • Topic: Interactive storytelling, challenge and opportunity

  • Lecture: Name-David Cage / Quantico Dream Representative & Creative Director

  • Presentation: Narrative

  • Lecture time: 2022.11.17 (Thu) 11:00 ~ 12:00

  • Lecture Summary: Heavy Lane, Detroit: Beacon Human, and the upcoming Star Wars: Eclipse developer David Cage shares its vision for the game’s interactive storytelling and emotions.

■ From Babylon to Hollywood, the history of storytelling
Both East and West have long been in history, and Cage’s representative explained the change and reality by talking about the history of the Western storytelling that is more familiar to him.

The records of storytelling have been followed by Iliad and various Bible, starting with Gilgamesh about 3,000 years ago.

And in Ancient Greece, storytelling began to study in earnest. It was a dimension of storytelling for praying to God, and sometimes aimed at conveying moral values, or for the purpose of delivering information.

In the process, the law of tragedy was created. Aristotle’s first tragedy law is applied today, and the various stories found in movies and books are the laws of ancient Greek tragedy.

Russian folk scholar and writer Vladimir Prop is convinced that there are some typical, common points in all stories, studying tales and fables. Based on this, we presented the rules of storytelling and the narrative writing.

The famous psychologist Karl Jung also focused on this screening. He discovered the types of tales, fables, as well as a lot of stories, and found that this type exists in human unconscious. Joseph Campbell discovered that heroes in human stories have a lot of commonality, and established this logic through heroes with the face of the book.

Furthermore, Garb lake Snyder paid attention to the storytelling of the film. He wrote a book called Save the Cat for the main character of the story, which is more attractive and worrying about what is more attractive and the best storytelling method. Hollywood’s producers have written a script based on this formula for 30 years. As a result, the disadvantage of efficient storytelling and many movies is similar.

From ancient Babylon to Hollywood today, the history of the Western Storiliteling continues.

Storytelling has existed anytime, anywhere. In addition to the books written by humans, you can find it in sports games. If you look at the soccer game and explain what the story is to a friend, and who the villain’s role is and what reversal was, it is a storytelling itself. The storytelling of sports that no one knows what will happen is improvised and more interesting.

Advertising also requires storytelling. If it’s a drink advertisement, it’s a storytelling that explains it as a delicious drink. But this does not deliver strong inspiration or messages. In addition, religion uses storytelling to deliver their values, and in politics, the story is about a specific event to convey the intentions.

But today’s interactive storytelling is a bit different. This does not mean that the game first tried.

The book of House of Reeves has implemented an interactive storytelling that players make decisions and go beyond the page. There is also an immersive theater called Mervin Theater. Instead of sitting still and watching the play, it becomes a part of the play, interacting with the actor, and the story of the play is different.

There is also an interactive TV program where viewers have the right to change the future development. Viewers change their work story directly from the existing passive role. Netflix’s Black Mirror Sanders Narcissus has successfully achieved this purpose, and Netflix and other companies are also trying to produce such TV programs.

Location-based VR also wears a headset, moves the body directly, and feels the interactive experience. Naturally, social networks that share their stories also implemented this, and deeply melted into our lives today.

As storytelling has been implemented for a long time in life and history, all humans are natural storytellers. If you close your eyes and sleep, our brain tells the story in the form of a dream. There are characters, actions, and bizarre events in dreams. Scientists are studying how this story is made, and if you think the brain creates this story, the surprise is doubled.

Like this, humans like storytelling itself. Storytelling gives the meaning of all events in the world. Birth, death, and infectious diseases, such as the event, give meaning to this through storytelling. The efficiency in delivering ideas and values is also the power of storytelling. Therefore, the politics that conveys messages to the public is a sector where storytelling is actively used.

Finally, there is a characteristic that wants to be a human subject. Man wants to be the main character, not just listening. The storytelling is that you can implement it.


■ How can we convey storytelling interactive?
Cage representative explained the effective method of interactive storytelling based on his 25-year experience of game development.

Many ask him about the relationship between storytelling and game.

Is the narrative experience really a game?
Listening to the story or playing a game. Isn’t this different?
Should video games deal with reality? Or should we deal with a completely new story?

Storytelling and gameplay in video games are drawn like a relationship with each other, not easy. Many cut scenes also distinguish between games and storytelling. When the cut scene appears while playing the game, it goes to the stage of seeing it. In other words, the cut scene is distinguished by passive sections and the action is interactive.

However, there are also games that showed the strength of interactive storytelling.

Interactive storytelling creates emotional connections with games for people who play games. The intensity of the story is the source of the player experience. Through the story, you can understand the situation that the characters are facing, like, understand, and have attachment to the protagonist.

Storytelling also creates the meaning of playing game video games. There is no meaning to kill and hurt people for no reason. However, if there is a storytelling, the player will find the answer to the gameplay or more. This leads the player to enjoy the game.

The connection between these players and the game is the driving force that makes the game to the end, and helps you remember the experience for a long time. Cage Director talked about his experience when he met Heavy Lane’s players in 2010. The player vividly remembered the experiences and feelings he played at the time of launch, and talked and explained the events that occurred to the protagonist as if they had experienced it.

The Quantico Dream analyzed their gameplay experience based on this experience. And I started playing the game, but I explained that I had a sense of frustration that there were few people playing until the end. Developers try to experience longer content, more content, because many people don’t actually enjoy it.

I started a movie, but it is similar to people leaving the cinema during the movie screening. Not developers want this.

There are many reasons here. It is not simply that the build of the game is falling. However, games such as Open World can be experienced in many parts of the game without having to play the game.

According to the external survey, Detroit Beacon Human showed a high rate of 61.7%of the game ending.

What is the specialty of interactive storytelling? Interactive storytelling is not a content that is made for the audience, but a content that makes something with the audience. The player becomes a kind of co-writer, director, and actor to create a play experience.

Pictures, movies, or books give a similar experience, but you can’t change the content of the story. Interactive games make it possible, and the charm is emitted here.

■ From linear to nonlinear interactive, and how to write
It was digging deeper and explaining how this interactive storytelling is made. There are three main cores.

First, storytelling is made with the player. In other words, it gives the player to change the story by giving the player a freedom and enough room as much as possible. The second is not a cut scene, but a storytelling with gameplay. If only the cut scene is given, that’s not a game, it’s a movie. The cut scene should also be, but the key is gameplay.

And according to this choice, there must be practical results. It is a change that clearly changes according to the options the player chooses. Usually, depending on the choice, only the changes in small details and conversations change. But there must be a result that the player can recognize that his choice is an important change.

At this point, let’s look back on the meaning of interactive.

Many games limit interactive only to physical actions. It is a destructive act of killing and hitting some1. However, interactive sometimes can be expressed very different beyond destructive actions. To convey what the developers want to say or to provide changes in the environment. To face the ethical dilemma. It is also interactive that gives some kind of thought and responds differently accordingly.

Script production is also made in different ways, depending on the difference between the transmission method, purpose, and development. A linear script exists in a two-dimensional space. The script is organized in the space where the story takes place and the time of unfolding. Interactive games add to the depth of choice and decision.

The linear script only provides one story, but the interactive storytelling

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