Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Among the approaching amazing tasks is now a dedication to the company women est omen (Neo), where, to name a few, Michael ‘Megabit’ Bittner and Benedict ‘Benedict’ Benedict ‘Bened7’ Bauer play. The team around the 2 will strengthen 4 times the German champs as coach and material creator in the future.

Nearly two months earlier, Wolfsburg veteran Benedict ‘Sale’ Saltier revealed his profession end as an active player after 7 years. At that time, the 30-year-old composed: I have always been a person who was 100 percent War-Gal whether FIFA, football, household or university.


coach for Neo and the DFB

In his message, he stated that he does not wish to turn his back entirely to the FIFA scene. As a coach, he has continued to support the players of the German mechanism.

He will coach our FIFA kids and be a developer for you, Neo revealed the transfer. His biggest successes include four German champions, a top 8 position at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 in New York City and the qualification for the FUT Champions Grand Final 2017 in Berlin.

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