Mon. May 29th, 2023

On Wednesday evening, the German international went to sleep early-but they could. In any case, the big refurbishment had to wait for the 1-2 defeat against japan. You felt: everyone has to be for themselves, we went to bed early, said Oliver Bailiff on Friday in ARD. You didn’t really want to discuss yet.


But it started the next morning, said the managing director of national teams and academy. In the first analysis, hansi flick clearly put his finger in the wound. In addition, various one-on-one discussions take place, revealed Bailiff.

There is no way in the team

How much it also hit among the players according to the clear public statements by Play Gunboat and Manuel Neurons currently the subject of speculation. Under no circumstances in the team, says Bailiff, and also refers to the difference to the mood at the 2018 World Cup: in Russia you could already feel a stronger tension between younger and older players. Here is a very homogeneous unit here There that pursues a goal. And that is the most important thing: that in the end, although we have different ideas, we submit to a goal, namely to play a successful World Cup.

It doesn’t have to be completely harmonious anyway. This fairy tale that eleven friends have to be there are over and that did not exist in the past, Bailiff, for example, refers to successful german national teams in the 1970s, some of which would not have talked together. A certain friction is always good.

Spain? We have to win that, we can win that

From the trouble about the false start (After the game we were right, Rumors in his stomach), new courage for the duel with Spain on Sunday (8 p.m., live! At ). Bailiff speaks of our first final, which should follow: We have to win that, we can win that too.

To do this, however, the efficiency must be improved at the front and the compactness at the back, he demands. There are always situations in which we get out of the rhythm. And we can’t manage to get back to the order from this unrest.

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