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St antler is Pokémon, similar to a deer that was presented in the second generation of Pokémon and returns to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet again. In Pokemon: Legends arches, the St antler was given a new evolution, with which you could ride the Kristi region called Verdi. You were able to turn the St antler into Verdi using the movement of the Psychobhobs 20 times in Agile mode.

Unfortunately, this is not in the last name. In fact, even despite the fact that you can catch a St antler in the southern province (fifth zone) as well as the southern province (zone 3), you will not be able to turn them into a tireder. So, how to get Vieira in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

How to get a sister in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To get Warder at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will need to exchange it in Pokemon Home when the compatibility becomes affordable. Until then, you can exchange your Warder from Pokemon: Legends arches on Pokemon Home so that they are ready. Unfortunately, this will not add Verdi to your Kandinsky Pokédex, but you can be calm, knowing that you already have a ready-made option to fill out this record when it is available.

Before doing this, it is important to check the nature of St antler, because after evolution he will go to Nadir. The nature of Pokémon cannot be changed, so make sure that your St antler has the one you prefer.

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