Mon. May 29th, 2023

It was recently confirmed that Dragon Ball would be back very soon in the world of manga, this after having two important arches that took a long time to finish, especially that of Granola. However, with the illustration that was shown by Golan and Trunks we can give ourselves an idea that it can happen in the work.

Going to the part of the anime, the last thing we have had was Super Hero’s film, which saw the return of the iconic earth villains, the organization of the red patrol. And now, through a new publication we could see that they would be involved in some way in the animated part, something that would not be surprising for this point.


Red ribbon army, restart…?

The Renaissance of the Red Army is near!?

It is worth mentioning that the first Dragon Ball Super film were adapted to the anime of the same name, so the same could happen with this adaptation, make individual chapters to transform the tape. Although it would also be a bit strange, since the appearance of Taiwan, Brolly would have been officially skipped.

For now, we will have to wait to know more data.

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Editor’s note: It would be a waste to make another recycled saga of a movie. Even so, having Dragon Ball back in the anime part would be interesting.

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