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Fourteen days have a variety of NPCs that you can work with to fight at your side, and one of them is now Elsie.
There are many advantages to really set among the NPSS, so that it does not avoid any from using this function or just discover it to buy a weapon.


Speaking of which, numerous new and non-arched weapons have actually also been added for the season, so be sure to take a look at them if you are searching for distinct weapons.
In this short article you will discover how to recruit and find Elsie in Fortnite

Recruit and discover Elsie in Fortnite.

To discover Elsie, you need to go to a certain location on the map, it lies near the Anvil Square and is not too far from there.
You will discover Elsie in a forest location beyond the river bend southeast of the Anvil Square.
The photo below programs you the specific place where Elsie can actually be found.
As quickly as you have found Elsie, you can approach her and talk to her in order to then recruit her from the semicircular ring wheel, which appears on the screen listed below.
You require 100 gold bars to hire Elsie.
This is not too high rate to recruit it!

What happens if I stove Elsie in Fortnite?

If you decide to recruit Elsie, you will follow you and try to change enemies for you in the game world, similar to the other NPCs that you can also hire.
This can give you a huge advantage over some others in the video game.
If you browse all Battle Pass-Skins from Chapter 4, Season 1, you will obviously find that you can also open Elsie as a skin.

Fourteen days are now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | s, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and PC.
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