Mon. May 29th, 2023

According to a representative survey among German football fans, the majority of those under 25 are for an introduction of the controversial Super League.
The international sports organization database One DB interviewed an overall of 875 football fans.
62 percent of this spoke up against the Super League, but divided according to age groups, the survey comes to a various picture.

If you just consider the under-25 year olds, 58 percent are for the introduction of the questionable job and would prefer the Super League to the Champions League.
On the other hand, there is rejection for everyone who is over 25 years old: 65 percent protest it.
Young target groups are the Super League significantly open and affine compared to them just restricted a requirement for Fan tum, says agency supervisor Hendrik Fischer.
In April 2021, many top clubs went on a move and, with the plan of presenting the Super League, offered for violent and throughout Europe under football fans, however also from UEFA, associations and leagues.
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On December 15, the European Court of Justice will decide whether the UEFA monopoly will be tilted to the discontinued of the club competitions.


Genuine Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin stick to the strategies of the Super League.
In the spring of 2023, a corresponding judgment is anticipated.

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