Mon. Jan 30th, 2023


The Golden State Warriors proved themselves worthy of the title defending champions with a decisive victory over the Boston Celtics in the rematch of the NBA Finals last night. This is their second consecutive victory over the Celtics in a blowout, and they have an opportunity to repeat this time around as well.

The Golden State Warriors clearly beat the Boston Celtics in the Finals Rematch 123:10
With Stephen Curry and Play Thompson in top type, the Warriors had too much firepower for Boston

Golden State Warriors (13-13)- Boston Celtics (21-5) 123: 107 (box core)

The Splash Brothers Are Splashing Tonight was well hit in the United States remark, due to the fact that Play Thompson and Stephen Curry were both excellent against the Celtics
Thompson scored 24 of his 34 points in the very first half and scored 14/26 from the field and 4/11 from Downtown
Curry even hit 6/11 triples and accompanied his 32 points with 7 helps
In the lack of Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kunming played a crucial function and supported the bank with 14 points (6/9 FG)
With this, the Warriors took control and management up until the final whistle after the preliminary phase, but the champs were just able to set themselves really far in the last few minutes
Boston worked against the strong defense of the Warriors around Raymond Green (11) barely simple points and just played 17 helps
It would have required a work of art of the stars of the Celtics to keep up
Jaylen Brown was even on the right track with 31 points at 13/23, but Jayson Tatum had a utilized night for his situations
Only 6 of his 21 field throws found their goal, he ended the game with 18 points and 7 rebounds
Without Robert Williams and Al Oxford, the Celtics had couple of alternatives in the big positions, Blake Griffin (13) began again
Notable assistance from the bank just came through Malcolm Brandon (16)

NBA: Thompson hot in the first half-time Williams flies

From the middle distance, in the drive, from Downtown anyhow and even the offensive Brett-Thompson began in the first quarter really well with 12 points
With him on the bench Curry rapidly spread 8 points consisting of a Buzzer-Beater, who offered the Warriors the 33:25 lead after the first quarter
In the 2nd area, Poole took control of the scoring and held Thompson hot until he came back into the video game and met and met straight
Boston was also well off-the-go and held against it, so that they only reserve 63:68 for the break
However after the change of sides, the Celtics made a slight stage of weak point, while the Warriors continued to hit well and hence put on a 14: 5 run
In the last 3 minutes of the quarter, the Celtics took a few more points back to go into the last area with 83:95
There, Boston just fell back-to-17 and then fought his method to 8 points prior to the best return effort by the Celtics ended in the final quarter
Golden State moved away again and at the most recent with Grant William’s frustrated project two minutes before completion, it was clear to everybody present that the game was through
Williams grew the ball angrily into the crowd, which brought an automated ejection
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NBA: The Stats Leader at Warriors vs. Celtics

Classification |
Warriors |
Points |
Play Thompson (34) |
Jaylen Brown (31)
Rebounds |
Kevin Mooney (15) |
Jaylen Brown (9)
Assists |
Stephen Curry (7) |
Marcus Smart (5)
Steals |
Play Thompson (2) |
Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart (3 each)
Blocks |
Kevin Mooney (2) |
Derrick White (3).

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