Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

A Squad Building Obstacle has simply dropped to help make your FIFA 23 Ultimate Group heroic!

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Learn how to complete the World Cup Heroes Upgrade SBC to generate a fantastic of the video game to your FUT 23 side.


World Cup Heroes Upgrade

You only have three days to finish the World Cup Heroes Upgrade SBC, so make certain you catch it while you can!

Start Date: Monday, 12 December

Expiration Date: Thursday, 15 December

How to Complete

To earn a Load including a World Cup FUT Hero player you will just require to finish one obstacle.

The requirements are as follows:

FIFA World Cup Heroes Upgrade

  • Minimum three 87+ OR gamers
  • Minimum 86 Squad Ranking

Reward-1 x World Cup FUT Heroes Pack

Estimated Cost-122,000 coins


You can use the following gamers to complete the World Cup Heroes Upgrade SBC:

This is simply one of lots of solutions that can be found by utilizing the easy SBC AI. To get your own service, go attempt it out at easysbc.io

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