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I had the feeling that we have a good match, says Eric Smith, who took over as the new first head coach fc St.

FC St. Pauli put a weak very first half of the season.
With just 17 points from the first 17 games, the Kiev s rank 15 and only have one point ahead of the last SV Tannhauser.

What’s next on the head coach command bridge?

The Reinstate responded on St. Pauli veteran Time Schultz from his training jobs.
Former Schultz assistant Fabian Hurdler has actually been designated interim coach.
However, what’s next on the head coach command bridge?
With Eric Smith, the very first leader of FC St. Pauli has been strong for Hurdler to completely pronounce his trust and make him a new chief coach.

Smith sees possibility for turnaround

Smith is among the couple of winners of this stylish In series.


The Swede stayed largely injury-free for the very first time and convinced both in his parade role prior to the defense and after the transfer triggered by the numerous failures as a main member of a chain of three.
The 25-year-old describes this out of Schultz as hard and says: I like him quite, everyone understands that he is an excellent type and a big figure for the club.
He likewise sees the chance of gymnastics in the realignment.

We required a change, and we have a change.

Eric Smith
Mainly, states Smith, it is up to us players, and the last game of the year, the wild 4: 4 at Karlsruhe SC, he lists as a prime example: We made so lots of specific errors.
And yet he explains: If it does not work, something needs to alter. We needed a change, and we have a modification.

He does a brilliant task

Of all, this suggests that the previous assistant has taken the command.
Smith has no appointments, because Hurdler is only 29 and also part of the teamed training team.
Fabian was included, but he was not head coach and could not choose. Now he can do what he pictures.
And the very first few days in which Hurdler does this leave an impression on the leading gamer: Fabian is excellent. He does a dazzling job, he is unique.
Smith therefore provides a clear suggestion: I think one hundred percent that you should provide him the chance and trust. What he means to do with the players we have.
Andreas Bornean shares this evaluation.

The sports director has talks in various instructions nowadays likewise includes the chance to try to find a new assistant coach.
For a possible employer Hurdler.

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