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The 2018 FIFA World Cup has been punctuated by outbursts of violence, which have left hundreds of people detained. On Sunday, France’s national team advanced to the final of the tournament, sparking spontaneous celebrations in some cities, while in others there were riots.

In some French cities, there were riots when the national team moved into the final of the World Cup.
After the 2-0 in the semi-finals against Morocco, the French authorities had taken 266 individuals across the country, as a spokeswoman for the German Press Agency said.
167 arrests were in Paris.
The bulk of the events were tranquil.
In the French capital, 40 individuals from the conservative extremist spectrum were also detained, as the Parisian public prosecutor stated.
A few of them would have had weapons with them.
According to French media, people would have wanted to commemorate the celebrations on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.
The broadcaster BF MTV reported with reference to security forces that they wanted to combat with Moroccan fans.

a big bulk commemorates in harmony

The oversized majority celebrated in harmony, cops and rioters officers in Paris briefly came together on the Champs-Élysées, as media reported.
In Montpellier, fans of both sides took fire with fireworks.

In the meantime there was also talk of a tense situation in Lyon.
As the paper Nice-Matin reported, there were also disputes in between fans and the police in Great and Cannes.


There were also riots in Belgium.
The police detained around 100 individuals for disturbance to public order, damage to two squad cars and ownership of prohibited fireworks, the Bella news company reported on the cops on Thursday.
In Berlin, on the other hand, the state of mind stayed calm general, most individuals went house rapidly after the video game, stated a police spokesman on Wednesday evening.
Fans had actually sparked a short firework in the Berlin-Neukölln district.

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