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It’s been two years since the last new VW Amar ok was released and there are some big changes coming up. The latest model is going to be able to hold even more cargo than before with a payload capacity of 800 kilograms, the entry-level model will be available for €37,800 and the top model will start at €65,000.


For the Amar ok, VW supplies 2 switchable four-wheel drive systems: one with 3 drive types and an extended that then provides 4 modes as a top variation, in addition to 4l, 4h and 2h (for requiring off-road mode), 4a as a basic setting.
Here the power circulation is distributed to all 4 bikes smart and with the assistance of a digitally controlled slat coupling.
Depending upon the devices, optional or as basic (variant pan-American) likewise uses the mark to utilize a differential lock on the rear axle.

more useful skills

The brand-new generation has grown through enhanced useful skills: the trailer load increases to 3.5 tons, the payload to 1.19 tons, and because the roofing load is now 350 kg, a roofing system camping tent (device program) can be buried.
The so-called cargo box provides space for a transverse or length ways that opens the roll cover over the filling location and leaves out electrically at the push of a button, which likewise works from the motorist’s seat or with the help of the secret.
And once again for skill for the rough: thanks to an enlarged wading depth, the mark is now also raking up to 80 centimeters deep waters, already frightening, the Lars quantity, which is headed by product marketing, since the water can reach the bottom of the window.
Larger embankment angles lastly combat unsightly on the ground.

touchscreen in portrait format

At least the leading models pan-American (with off-road touch) and Aventura driven by us should be accredited an interior atmosphere beyond frugal commercial truck atmosphere.
As soon as you have climbed up the seats, they offer enjoyable comfort, it is likewise offered electrically;
A Herman Carbon sound system guarantees stunning noise.
The mix of digital motorist strumentarium and upright-installed touchscreen is known from Ford, so no VW construct, which is why the NARIC card can not be imported into the display behind the steering wheel.

This is a shame due to the fact that the central screen is fairly deep to pursue the directions, the view from the street need to be away and down.
A head-up display ought to be readily available at the marketplace launch, if just one with a plexiglass pane.
Office of the driver: digital cockpit and large touchscreen.
The smart device discovers wirelessly into the infotainment via Apple Carpal and Android Vehicle, the ranks of the driving assistant learns a considerable boost, consisting of the Travel Help for partial autonomous driving.
And the devices program will be discovered functions such as all-terrain tires, different trailer shots, a bike holder for the cargo box, different roll cover, styling and sports bars and a hardtop for the filling area.

Elektro-Amarok not omitted

VW has not yet communicated what the Amar ok needs to cost.
However, an entry-level rate of around 40,000 euros is possible.
A possible battery-electrical version is even further away in the stars.
She does not wish to eliminate Volkswagen Commercial Truck employer Carsten Intro.
UCLA Elmer
VW Amar ok shortly:
When he comes: in May 2023
Who he is targeting: Ford Ranger, Toyota Hi lux, Isuzu D-Max
What drives him: 2.0-l-four-cylinder diesel with 125 kW/170 hp and 151 kW/205 hp, 3.0-l-six-cylinder diesel with 177 kW/240 hp
What it costs: not yet known, probably from around 40,000 euros

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