Mon. May 29th, 2023

There is a certain distrust between the most popular European footballers and the people of Qatar. For a long time now, we have been hearing rumors that they would take advantage of its players, because they are not in their country. What will happen after the World Cup?

Countless Qatari an flags blow in the streets of Doha’s, the anticipation for the duel of the Ambassador Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé: Whatever is set up for the nationwide vacation and the perfect end of the prestigious multimillion task from the viewpoint of Qatar
The Emirate becomes world champion in a way on Sunday due to the fact that even though the controversial host has actually stopped working miserably.
It is already clear: Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has actually received exactly what he wanted with this World Cup regardless of what he wanted.
Since either Messi or Mbappé, the stars of Qatar’s flagship Paris St. German, will cheer with the World Cup.
But likewise because high-gloss pictures walked around the world and Qatar enhanced his position in a conflict-charged area and around the world.
However, what remains?
It is suggested that the most pricey world Cup in history was only the initial climax in an even larger Catarina master strategy.
The next big coup is already being prepared in the background.
The goal?
Olympia 2036!
The Qataris have long been raving about an enormous a/c for the marathon.
One has to recognize that Qatar organizes this World Cup effectively, stated France President Emmanuel Macron, whose economy has close connections to the Emirate.


The Olympic opportunities need to not be bad, after all, Qatar’s impact is tremendous and continues to grow.
In the s world, however likewise in politics, as not just the latest corruption scandal in the EU Parliament shows.
The demand for human rights activists for a FIFA compensation fund, on the other hand, need to fail.

Likewise, the hope of a total explanation of the deaths of labor migrants.
2 course of the competition in connection with the World Cup alone, according to official details, there were 3 in the years of preparations.

Infantile as a language tube of Qatar.

The desert state FIFA boss Gianni Infantino benefited from as a mouthpiece, the Emirate and the World Association could not be discouraged.
Not of the voices in the western world because the accusations accompanied by allegations of corruption, not of conversations about one love, rainbows or dead workers and not of criticism in the suspicious handling of solidarity projects for the protest motion in Iran.
has absolutely nothing to do with politics, said Nasser Al-Khelaifi, PSG boss and Qatar’s informal s strategist, at Sky UK.
Palestine’s flags were omnipresent amongst Arab fans, the Emirate used the World Cup demonstratively to improve relationships with Saudi Arabia, which is thought about a candidate for the orientation in 2030.
Incidentally, it brought the German Football Association (DFB) and other crucial nations to buckle.
States like Qatar or Saudi arabia will not democratize to align a World Cup, stated Middle East professional Jakob Kris to Deutschlandfunk.
Human rights activists have long warned of a relapse.
The reforms, which is frequently insufficiently executed, according to Amnesty International and Co. In the Arab world, Qatar’s staging is seen as a success.
The most questionable World Cup in history in many nations, as Infantile assured, is really seen as the best at history.
Where all the scandals and problems play no role.

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