Sun. May 28th, 2023

Trainer Sandro Schwarz sees Bertha BSC a favorable development at Bundesliga club.
We take our primary steps to build an identity, and we have to see that our fans remain in the mood for it, said the 44-year-old in the 11Freunde interview: That in turn offers us strength.
Black, pertained to Berlin from Dynamo Moscow before the season, had certain prejudices versus Bertha before his modification.
As an outsider, for instance, you believe that the Olympic Arena is quite extensive, he stated: But if you exist every day, Bertha is an actually cool club.


The previous Mainz fitness instructor depends on the experience of Kevin-Prince Boating.
Of course we understand that he had one or the other out of health, stated Schwarz: But what he offers the group, as he has the cabin with one or two other boys, is remarkable.

As a trainer, he would be pushing, according to Schwarz, if I didn’t ask for a Boating from time to time: What sort of feeling do you have? How do you see this or that?

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