Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Prior To the World Cup final in between Argentina and France, disorderly scenes in front of the stadium in Lugsail occurred on Sunday.


A number of media report this.
Click on this link for the live ticker of the final in between Argentina and France.
In the subway constructed for the World Cup, which drives from Doha to the final location to Lugsail, fan masses had been pushed into the wagons at numerous train stations.
According to the mirror, panic broke out amongst the fans because there were no windows open on the train.
It also took place.
The picture also reported sobbing fans due to area.
The regional authority intervened to get the scenario under control.

In addition to a minute-long blocking of the subway station, the escalators were also taken out of operation.
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As French media report, large groups of French were required to get out two stops in front of the Lugsail stadium because there are stated to have actually been technical issues with the metro.

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