Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The Euro league Final Four tournaments are coming! Fans from all across Europe will be thrilled to learn that Germany has been awarded the contract to host the next two tournaments. With so much exciting action in store, this is sure to be an event you won’t want to miss. Read on to find out more about the Euro league and what it has in store for basketball fans everywhere!

As the Euro league let understand on Monday afternoon, the Final 4 will take location in Kaunas in Lithuania next year.

In 2024 the choice will be made once again in Berlin.

for the very first time in Lithuania

According to the league in its message, the last tournament 2023 takes location in a region with fantastic basketball passion.
In the 15,000 spectator Algeria Arenas in Kaunas, there is traditionally a fantastic environment when it pertains to hunting for baskets.


The final Four in Lithuania will first remain in the Baltic State from May 19 to 21.
Berlin was awarded the contract for the 3rd time after 2009 and 2016.
The Mercedes-Benz-Arena at the Ostbahnhof holds 14,500 fans.

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