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VfB Stuttgart have made it clear they are looking to strengthen their midfield, and Joshua Guilavogui from VFL Wolfsburg is high on the wish list. However, due to some obstacles, the move may not be so simple – read on to find out more about this potential transfer and what could happen next.

The Stuttgart team is concerned about issue for transfer.
And the previous impressions after the change of training from Pelegrín Matarazzo to Bruno Lambada don’t make it better.
After the first week of training with his new group and the very first test game against FC Lucerne (0: 3), the brand-new head coach determined lots of issue areas in a first stock.
One of them: There is a lack of structure, complained the 56-year-old after the sobering test video game defeat.
Abbasid testified to his group after the 0-1 deficit and particularly after the break, a partially headless race.
Even if you want to do it 1-1, you ought to still keep order.

Even if you want to do it 1-1, you ought to still keep order.

Bruno Lambada

End requires support

An organized hand is in demand.
Water End has always recognized and turned over with this role.


The Japanese World Cup participant, who is currently enjoying his deserved home leave, was demonstrably lacking the essential assistance in the current past.
A task with which lots of young professionals are overwhelmed.

In order to close this weak point, if possible, improvements must be made in winter season.
With a skilled midfield strategist.
Searching for an ideal player, the Swabians came across Guilavogui.

all-round carefree plan dock for what price?

The 32-year-old is still bound to VFL Wolfsburg till June 2023 and a player type that Lambada especially appreciates.
A sample professional, knowledgeable, disciplined, fogged tactically, on top of that Bundesliga experiences and German-speaking.
An overall carefree package, which, nevertheless, has its cost and usually surpasses the Stuttgart alternatives.
The Frenchman only plays a supporting function at VFL, and there is no meant to extend the contract of the expiring agreement.
Possibly, the Swabians covertly hope for that, there is a chance to draw Guilavogui to the Nectar.

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