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FC Schalke 04 is currently in the middle of a relegation battle, and it’s clear that something needs to change if they’re to have any chance of surviving. In this blog article we explore the problems S04 are facing, and take a look at some of the solutions they are considering in order to turn their fortunes around. Keep reading to find out more!

After the weak very first half of the season, FC Schalke has to run a lot better in the second half of the season so that the direct transfer can still be prevented.
The club has now recognized the most significant problems-and the first options remain in the drawer.
According to the Build, the plan for the 2nd half of the season attends to coach Thomas Was to fix numerous problems of the Schalke with existing methods.
The background is that the precarious financial situation does not make a lot of external reinforcements possible.
Due to the fact that the clammy coffers of the royal blue are likely to prevent a larger transfer offensive in winter.
The team coordinators around s director Peter Anabel would only have 2 million euros available for newcomers.
The offered money is required entirely for the incomes of possible new additions.
Therefore, just players in winter would be eligible for the Gelsenkirchen who can be acquired over a loan.
If S04 did not follow its own specifications, it might even be tight with the license for the coming season, according to the magazine.
Rice is stated to have already attained success on some fronts with its internal solution strategy, it is said.

FC Schalke 04 expect Eroded in the second half of the season

The 49-year-old has handled to help defense chief Maya Yeshiva new confidence.
In the future, the main protector with speed deficits is to be supported by the midfielder previously so that he needs to be less likely to be in running battles, according to the factor to consider.

After the changeover to Yeshiva’s face, the teammates had actually lastly found lastly something like self-confidence, the sheet composes.
Otherwise, more aggressive defense habits is among the main topics under rice in opposing goal shots.


Alex Oral is supposed to be a firm support in midfield.
The 6 will definitely keep his regular place in the 2nd half of the season after having not contributed under Frank Kramer at the start of the season.
The last significant building website in the game of the narrow is to finally get goalscorer Simon Eroded into play.
The errors are less looked for by the aggressor himself.
According to Anabel, the internal analysis has actually revealed that there has actually so far been a lack of the necessary accuracy for standards and flanks.
We need to end up being more exact on the offensive, both in regard to crossings and in the surfaces in the charge area. At the moment, our efficiency is low enough, the Build quotes the authorities.

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