Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Simply 5 hours after the statement that the contract with the long-time coach Frank Cars tens will expire at the end of the season, the East Westphalia notified about the succession preparation: from summer, Edelstein Eyjolfsson will be responsible for sporting obligation for the white and green.

Frank Cars tens has actually done a terrific task in Minded for 8 years and I can handle an undamaged group. The sporting challenge is still terrific, highlighted Eyjolfsson, who originates from the cadets of Schaffhausen with which he commemorated the championship last year.
The experience that I had the ability to gain here in Switzerland in international competitors was interesting and important. For some time now I have thrown an eye on the Bundesliga again, and I look forward to the professional environment in Germany and the passionate audience in the
Halls, says the 45-year-old Icelander, who goes back to Germany.
With the THSV Essence, Eyjolfsson commemorated the promotion to the Bundesliga in 2013.
Two years later on, with the TV Gutenberg, he was successful from the 3rd to the 1st department.
In October 2017 he followed HC Erlangen and remained there up until February 2020. The action to Switzerland followed.
Eyjolfsson gets assistance from Aaron Fierce as an assistant coach.
The 24-time international has been connected to the GWD for 25 years, at first as a player and from 2009 to 2014 as a coach of the third division team.


HC Emperor Rostock, Us N-Lübbecke and the TV Emsdetten afterwards were his coaching stations.
Because 2021, the 51-year-old has been accountable for the sporting concerns of the 2nd representation of the Foxes Berlin.
In Minded, he should likewise handle jobs in the main association and thus function as a link between the expert team and the substructure, states the communication of the Bundesliga club at danger of transfer.
Finally we can spread the tasks in the sporting area over a number of heads and therefore have a constellation that is an integral part of today’s leading sport, says Handling Director Nils Torbrügge.
Both Jolson and Fierce signed an agreement up until 2025.

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