Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The reward has been handed down from Bavaria’s success coach Omar Withheld, according to which you as a coach in Munich have the very best life when you win every video game, due to the fact that then you will have rest.


In this respect, Julian Nagelsmann would have to feel the specific reverse of calm after the three-time 1-1 1: 1, but at least a good portion of tension before the cup game in Mainz.
It means flying or winning out here.

Nagelsmann’s learning procedure

According to sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, the 35-year-old Bayern coach can see nothing of the 35-year-old Bayern coach, as he said before ARD’s Wednesday video game.

Rather, he experiences Nagelsmann really clearly, especially extremely plainly to the group.
Clear-Salihamidzic explains the current circumstance as follows that without victor.
Above all, Salihamidzic confirms to his coach a knowing process in his time in Munich.
Julian has actually effectively received this (the pressure of success, editor’s note) in the previous year and a half, he has experienced different situations here.
In the past couple of days, Nagelsmann’s learning curve had gone rather steeper again, after all, some things came together: Analogic, Gary’s Paris trip ( unskilled) and all versus the background of unusual lack of success.
One has absolutely nothing to do with the other, attempts to clarify Salihamidzic, who is then as soon as again inquired about the tiresome fashion program subject.

It doesn’t get any better in Paris at the fashion program.

Hasan Salihamidzic
We demand efficiency, and we wish to subordinate whatever, however truly everything to win again. That is why everyone is required to do everything for success, said the Munich sports director.
And if we have a day off, and we have actually not won one or two games, then he has to work for us to get better once again, discusses the sports director, due to the fact that it will not be much better in Paris at the style show.

talked like men-between Serge, and I am no longer

The accusation that he had actually selected a victim with Gary and his pastime is far from Salihamdizic.
I haven’t selected one out, Serge accepted it, and we talked about it like guys and the next day it was done for me-between me and Serge is nothing more, states Salihamidzic.
Even if it is uneasy in Munich, Salihamidzic describes a really own strength of the record champ: It has constantly been granted FC Bayern that we make it through such scenarios and to steer it once again in the other instructions.

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