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Are you looking for the finest characters in Sword Art Online Variant Face-off?
Since we have chosen to take an appearance at all the characters currently readily available in the video game and take them into a ranking list, they are in the ideal place.
This ranking ought to assist you make the best decision if you create a group and provide you a mutual understanding of what makes an excellent gamer in AOV.
Without more ado, our ranking of S, the very best, approximately C, extends the worst.

ranking of all characters in the Sword Art Online Variant Face-off

The game has almost 10 primary characters, but everyone has different variations, which brings this number closer to 40.

S level

These characters consist primarily of SSR’s, primarily since this group has the greatest maximum level, which provides a significant advantage quickly.
The skill here is unmatched;
You have an SSR called silica, dragon volume, which the entire team can heal by 20 % when changing.
This can be vital for whether your group will be eliminated immediately or survived longer to see another battle.
Another emphasize would be Ego, Blue Rose Swordsman, which can increase its strength value by 20 % for 30 seconds so that you can rain heavy attacks on your challenger for an affordable time.
We can continue to discuss the size of this level, but you need to experiment yourself.

A step

You will find that this level consists of terrific characters, but is just lower than S due to the fact that they are not considered as an SSR category.
Keep in mind that SSR characters are those who begin with the possibility for a higher maximum level, so you won’t discover this here.
Regardless of this, you have some fantastic options to select from here.
Income is a terrific choice here that can offer you an entire series of enthusiasts with every modification.
This includes 10 seconds increased build-up of the rush screen, an increase in strength by 20 % and a decrease in the cooldown.
It is just an embarrassment that you lack the higher maximum level that the S-rank has.

B level

B-level includes characters with practical advantages and skills that the characters can significantly support at a higher level.
You don’t have the very best basic statistics, but you should not neglect the gamers.
Other outstanding ones are otherwise, target acquisition, which offers passive skills, consisting of a power boost and a booster thrust if your HP is more than 50 %.
It is handy but small because it has passive abilities that you don’t have to believe about and lets it do its work in the background.
Some are likewise experts here to develop their determining devices;
For example, Akihito Rising Hero, has a skill that increases his ad by 20 %, which makes him extremely practical in the battle versus employers.

C level

These are the worst characters readily available in Sword Art Online Alternative Face-off.
Bear in mind that all characters have skills that can provide you the impression of being good.
Be conscious of here, as these are R units with attacks that are absolutely nothing unique.
For a few of these characters, they depend on other teammates cut off well.
For example, silica adds their allay buffs, however that’s not always a good idea.
They are so low and go out quickly so that they are completely forgotten that they are on the battleground with them.
Although this is an extreme example in this level, the gamers ought to focus on choosing characters in S to B at the end of the day.
You remain with Attack of the Fanboy if you are looking for more ranking lists like this.


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Sword art online is now offered for Android and iOS.

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