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Nixon’s 16vs16 Hundreds of Byeongjeon Action War haven.
Lee Eun-seok, director of game development, reflected on the last update record and delivered future plans.

Nixon unveiled Lee’s interview video through the official Haven Channel.
This director means a world in which the contradictory value of war and haven coexists for War haven, and the soldiers who joined the battlefield with their own stories become endless battlefields to find the last haven.
I explained.

The director mentioned the charm of the 16VS16 Back Byung-soo, the genre of the game.
In addition, the development team has established a worldview where magic and fantasy elements coexist, and a unique game art that suits them, and named it a sword punk in this visual style.

After the global test, the big goal of Haven Development is to make the introductory easily but make the master’s hardship.
First, the goal to make the beginner’s introduction is greatly popularized, comfort, and settlement support.

The strange part of Warren’s strange part of other games will be implemented closer to the way of being used between other games and gamers.
If you have played similar games, you don’t have much to learn when you first start, and even if you take a mouse left-click, it will be popular enough to interfere with the early play.
The number of operating keys used is less than the test version.

The player is also planning to reduce the inconvenience or frustration.
First, the director’s explanation is that the game workshop speed is raised to make the workshop face faster and more exciting.
It is also expected to improve various inconveniences, such as reducing the collisions of obstacles and weapons around and overlapping each other.

The needs you need to know at the beginning of the game are simplified, and the stairs will be placed in the process, and the player’s beginner user settlement also supports more detail.
The introduction of a new mode, which can be easily experienced by minimizing the rules, was also newly announced.
In the beginner user adaptation stage, the AI bot is being developed to participate in the battle with the player.

War haven is a game that aims to fight.


However, skilled elements for one-on-one white battlefield, fighting game skilled, and users who want the depth of sword fights expand further, making it easier to introduce but difficult to master.
The use of linkage between the technology was made, and the psychological warfare caused by the quarter was introduced as the representative element of skill elements.

Pleasant matching is also one of the key improvement factors that the director sees after the beta test.
The ideal and high-quality matching is a quick partner and a quick server.
The developers are trying to make the priorities of multiple matching options more precisely to make better results.
In addition, the problem of ‘invasion’, which was a problem in the test, also adjusts the rules.

Meanwhile, various records obtained from the test, which took place for about three weeks in October last year, were also released.

First, the maximum level of disease was the blade, the most basic bottle of the sword.
Blade, which achieved 30.2%of the maximum level achievements, has a balanced stats that can actively cope with various situations.
As there are few variables, as many players seem to have grown first, as long as they are good to use anytime, anywhere.

In the last test, various modes were introduced and four battlefields, including the attack to drive out the opponent’s camp and the conviction that destroyed the opponent’s stone statue.
Among them, the most preferred areas were Baden.
Baden is a battlefield with fierce battle over the central base.
In addition, with the exciting battle of central occupation, many strategies for this are also necessary for the strategy, and this strategy also cited this strategy as a reason that users liked.

The director said that he is doing his best to develop after the test record and the introduction of the core improvement direction, and concluded that he would deliver the new news in the near future.

War haven is a Dada Back Byeongjeon PVP game with a worldview where magic and medieval weapons coexist.
In October last year, global beta tests were conducted through Steam.

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