Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Up until now, babies were tied to their crèche in the Sims 4 and provided little interaction alternatives in the video game, in March this should change.
The infant phase is entirely modified, and your small Sims can lastly explore the world outside their children’s bed with the upcoming upgrade.
Obviously, more flexibility likewise implies more work for the parents;
With the infant upgrade you have to satisfy your children, bathe and play with them to make them pleased.
More life in the digital booth is unavoidable.

paid extension begins the exact same day

Together with the free child upgrade for the primary game in March, there is also a new paid expansion package that focuses on the joint domesticity with your modified children.
Under the title grow together, this extension will offer a number of items for dealing with your babies, such as baby providers, altering tables and new toys.
The experiences that your Sim kind gains in the baby age will likewise impact the rest of your life.
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However, there are also some new activities and unique events for older phases of life.
So your adult Sim can now teach his child to ride a bike in order to collect memories together and enhance the household gang.

Your adult Sims, on the other hand, can experience a midlife crisis.
Practically like in reality.
Both the free infant update and the paid growth will appear on March 16, 2023, for all common platforms.
Growing together you can already pre-order on Steam and Origin.
If you buy till April 27, 2023, you will receive a product plan with outdoor toys on top.
Are you anticipating investing more time with your virtual offspring?
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