Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The four-time NBA champ Stephen curry from the Golden State Warriors will most likely be a few weeks due to injury.
As ESPN reported, the 34-year-old basketball superstar suffered an injury to the left leg on Sunday night at 119:11 Success against the Dallas Mavericks.

Curry must be at least up to the All star game in Salt Lake City on February 19 (local time).
Versus Dallas, Curry had left the game in the third quarter after his knee hit that of Mavericks expert McKinley Wright.
As much as this point, Curry had scored 21 points for the master.
For Curry, it would be the second injury break in the present season.
In mid-December, he had actually suffered partial revolutions on the ideal shoulder and missed out on eleven encounters with the Warriors.


With only 27 wins from 53 games, protecting champion Golden State runs after his own needs.

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