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I do not stand here and say that I stick with it forever.
If I must extend again, I would be here for four years.
At some point it might be a consideration to go a new way once again.
At the moment I feel really comfy.
If the club desires to-we will extend again-without negotiating.
It’s not about desiring more.
I am pleased with what I have here.
And if somebody should come beforehand?
He ought to talk to the club.
I am nobody who has a contract and looks around somewhere else.
Because of their authenticity, most fans are particularly popular.
There are also those who declare that a lot is staged from the slide hat to number 72 to gestures and sayings.
Do you really take note of your external effect or does everything come out of your gut?
You need to distinguish.
Obviously I am also part of a service.
The hat is now my trademark, so I put it on.
And it is sold well.
And when I put on a hoodie for a press conference, it’s also about put it in the shop window.
That is likewise my task.
However, when I speak, I do it the way I am.
The expressions were not various in Paderborn, but here they become far more frequently headlines.

Cologne-Coach Rampart: Football should be the focus

However if you take off the hoodie and walk in the T-shirt when you are any decreases, you can already see you.
However, I do not do that on concept.
I used a hoodie on Schalke due to the fact that I was cold.
I had a various radius of movement in Munich, so eventually I didn’t need it anymore.

At these temperatures, I am likewise on the training school with a thick coat and gloves, since I do not move as much as during a game.
If that’s a big topic… Football needs to be the focus and not whether the coach bubbles out outside.
What do you believe what makes your appeal across the association?
Maybe that it comprehends the masses when I discuss football.
When I speak about football, even a little kid understands it.
Football is not a science.
The little kids in some cases have to listen to when something goes on the eggs or on the sack or get them on the ass.
These are emotions.
I have actually never personally assaulted or insulted someone.
The truth that I react louder to questions that I find stupid and not like a diplomat does not mean that I am rude.
I have a clear viewpoint, I plainly reveal it.
When I was wrong, and I am informative.
How did you get the entire beginning XI before the game against Bremen?
That ran out the gut.
We would have gone through every position at the press conference, so I stated: Okay, then I totally reveal the line-up.
But there are little tricks anyhow.
We are 95 percent hit rate among the challengers when I sit down with my analysis team prior to the video games.
In the Bremen case it was 100 percent.
However, it does not end up being a permanent state that I reveal the line-up.
However, can it happen once again?
It can occur if the circumstances fit once again.
However, they will not fit less than they fit.
Were you relieved that this video game was won 7: 1?
Due to the fact that it had absolutely nothing to do with it.
Her response in autumn was also unusual when you reacted tactically incorrectly after an early termination and publicly accepted it.
There would be some fitness instructor manual: simply don’t do that, that scratches your authority.
If I think of losing my authority, I have actually already lost it.
And I have never lost my authority prior to.
Because I do not win them through my choices.
About the day-to-day work with the kids.
They likewise typically laugh at me since I assure myself since I do not pronounce names correctly or because I stumble at a session.
However, that’s all right because they don’t laugh at me, we laugh together.
Our common guidelines also use, for example, punctuality, along with for me as for the kids.
I also pay something into the gamer.
What have you ever had to pay for?
For whatever.
I’ve concerned a session too late due to the fact that I jotted down the incorrect training period.
I am not flawless.
And everybody can be stuck in traffic congestion.
If somebody is five minutes late every day, it is rude.
If that occurs once in six months, it is human.
They had various fitness instructors in their revenue.
Do you treat gamers today as wish to be dealt with at the time?

Steffen Rampart took control of the Bundesliga club 1. FC Cologne in summer of 2021 and led directly to the Conference League.
He honed his profile as a genuine, controversial and loud type.
In the interview, Rampart talks about his external effect and expression, for which he has currently paid into the team fund and that he could likewise be a bus driver or automobile mechanic today.
Mr. Rampart, the scenario during winter break appeared challenging for FC.
When you listen to them, optimism constantly sounds through.
Is there no area for unfavorable ideas and situations in your head?
Steffen Rampart: The glass is half complete for me.
I always see the chance.
Of course, I am likewise familiar with the other scenarios, I’m not silly.
However, that’s not how I go to work.
Jürgen Klopp when said: The desire to win should be higher than the worry of losing.
Does that affect?
I would sign that completely.
It has to do with wishing to win a game-no matter versus whom.
And never ever to have the train of believed Hopefully I won’t lose.
That would alter the design of play instantly.
This brave, active video game and state of mind you demand is to be implanted in every team?
Or is tree part football only possible with particular players?
You can bring your concept to every team.
I never changed mine just since the team supposedly does not give it.
That was provided to me here too when I came.
From the start I thought that this squad is suitable for the Bundesliga.
It is strange to me when coaches discuss that you can just succeed with a particular player.
Then I ask myself: Why are you a coach if you are just as good as your player material?
A fitness instructor should teach players and not state: I am only great if the players are good.
If the players are great, everyone is great.
You can always enhance in regard to workers, but my task is to work with players and try to do everyone better.
And not to constantly grumble that I require brand-new ones.
There are coaches who have the feeling that they inform their players what deficits they have up until they think it eventually.
And there is more of that than you think.
A minimum of I had more coaches who said they were great, however not the gamers.
And extremely few who said I deal with the young boys who are here.
Lots of internal and external observers state: Steffen Rampart fits Perfume like the fist on the eye.
They had some deals in 2021.
Would individuals also talk today if they had gone to Schalke, Hamburg or Hanover?
On the one hand, the combination in Perfume fits really well.
It would likewise have actually fit elsewhere.
Paderborn is very various in regard to character, and I also fitted 100 %.

Cologne-coach Rampart: I understand how football is going

They likewise had hard times, all of a sudden they all praise.
How do you handle that?
There was already a great deal of positive in Paderborn, and I currently had media presence.
This has actually replicated in Perfume.
But I know how football is going.
Those who applaud you today will likewise find a reason tomorrow to discuss what you need to do differently.
It is obviously better to be applauded.
However, if eventually it is no longer the case, I will continue to go my way.
I don’t make that depending on whether people like me or not.
Or too peaceful or too loud.
Individuals who work with me need to have a great sensation.
And I felt that the majority of people liked to work with me up until now.
Concern: How do you deal with individuals who weren’t there in bad times and all of a sudden snack around you?
The bad time I had was financially a bad one.
That wasn’t awful time.
It was a tough time, everyone can picture that if things do not move forward expertly.
My better half and household were constantly by my side.
Those who can say that can not mention hard times.
Because I was not able to do so, at that time my wife had to make the money.
But we were always happy.
And if it didn’t exercise in football to generate income, I would have just end up being a bus motorist.
But you are happy that you have not end up being a bus chauffeur?
I am extremely pleased that I ended up being a coach (laughs).
They also appear to value what they have in Cologne.
If it wanted to extend, you have already indicated that the FC just had to face you.

In any case, I was best able to handle the coaches who were clearly and plainly but honest.
With which you might likewise argue.
I have actually typically argued with trainers.
You discovered who can differentiate in between the player and guy.
Whoever actually wishes to help you and who just tells you anything.
And is really not thinking about the club or the team…
If the gamers argue with them today, can you much better accept it because they consider themselves from the at that time?
I anticipate the players to go into the discussion with me.
I also require that.
Furthermore, I desire you to have a response if I refer to something.
And if not, they should sleep over it and come back the next day.
Would you prefer a professional today than then?
Or would you like to be again with today’s understanding these days?
I remained in the right place at the correct time.
Today I would no longer be a professional because I might no longer go by doing this.


With the turn-around, everything was really over for me.
I went to Zurich, ended up being a cars and truck mechanic and played in the top division for 3 years.
No one idea of expert football anymore.
Other than for myself. And if Frank Pagelsdorf had not brought me to Rostock at the time, I would probably be an automobile seller in East Frisian today and no one would know me.
To the individual: Steffen Rampart, 51 years old, was born in Rostock in the former GDR.
As an expert, he stormed for Hans Rostock, VFL Wolfsburg or Energies Cottbus.
The profession as a trainer started.
She started in 2008, she just actually chose up speed in Paderborn in 2017.
Rampart led the East Westphalia from the third department cellar to the Bundesliga in two years.
In 2021, he switched to 1. FC Cologne, which in the year prior to that relegation participant-Sich certified directly for the Conference League in the first year.

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