Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Bertha BSC has once again had chaotic days.
Just the renewed derby defeat (0: 2) in your home against 1. FC Union Berlin, followed by the separation of handling director Fred BBC.
Today the turmoil on the transfer market when a number of deals, which were believed to be safe, burst.


Is the brand-new large investor leaping off now?
According to a photo report, it is at least far from being protected that the United States 777 Partners Football Group will really start as the new donor at Bertha BSC
Till completion, it was stated that 777 partners wanted to take control of the shares of the tenor Group from Lars Windsors.
The financier, who still holds 64.4 percent at Hertha-KGAA today, had actually announced his complete retreat a very long time earlier.
In the 0: 5 fiasco versus VFL Wolfsburg a half and a week earlier, a 777 delegation around financier manager Joshua Wander and leading supervisor Johannes s checked out the Olympic Stadium for the very first time.
The decision-makers at the potential donor did not motivate the performance of the old woman, it is said.

horror week and flood of cancellations for Bertha BSC.

Bertha President Kay Bernstein tries to counteract the suspicion of an approaching failure of the cooperation.
We are still in really promising settlements with 777, however there are still a few things to control, the club employer told Build.
Bernstein said that he anticipated a manageable time horizon to the finalization.

Which time frame this is particularly stays open.
There is a genuine horror week behind Bertha BSC.
After the termination of the previous managing director and chief team planner Fred BBC, the table-17 needed to.
The Bundesliga swallow numerous bitter tablets on the transfer market.
Around the Deadline Day, the old woman touched with a whole series of skilled professionals such as Maximilian Philipp, Jannie Vestergaard, Joshua Guilavogui or Keri Derby.
Eventually, however, only the transfer by returnee Olga Circa might be understood.

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